Hongqiao Court held an inter-departmental professional judges’ meeting to judge the case and improve the quality and effectiveness

2022-06-03 0 By

In order to ensure the difficult complex cases in accordance with the fair trial, the scale, recently, according to the rules of tianjin hongqiao district people’s court judge professional conference (try out) “called rules, advised people three court and court of XingZhengTing inter-departmental professional judge meeting organization, hansy, bao-xin li, vice President of the three court judge its part of the people, by the XingZhengTing all took the judge to attend the meeting,And specially invited trial management office party branch secretary, three senior judge Nan Baolong to attend the meeting.At the meeting, the presiding judge Qi Xin introduced the basic situation of the case, and explained the doubts, difficulties and issues that need to be discussed in the case.After listening to the report of the case, Han Shaoyun, Li Baoxin and Nan Baolong put forward their own opinions on the case study and application of law.The judges at the meeting expressed their opinions, discussed the relevant legal issues involved in the case, and put forward their opinions on the fact determination and handling of the case.In this meeting, the leaders of the competent court took the lead in the study and judgment of the case, clarified the facts of the case through collective discussion, provided opinions and references for the presiding judge to correctly identify the facts and apply the law, and ensured the quality of the case judgment.Advised the court the judge professional meeting as submitted its voting discuss cases pre filtering mechanism, focus on professional judge meeting long-term, normalized and institutionalized, and for the judge to discuss major, difficult and complicated cases construct platform for professional guidance, trial experience, unified law for summary communication using standard, guiding the judicial practice, it is of great significance to improve the judge professional skills.