“Father of American Karate” comment on Bruce Lee: a gentleman, born with kung fu talent

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In 1952, after the Japanese introduced karate to the United States, ED PARKER actively promoted and trained karate in many places in the United States. He was the founder of the American Karate movement and the founder of “Kembo” flow karate. He was known as the “father of American Karate” in the American martial arts circle.In the United States martial arts not yet famous, through the disciples Yan Jinghai and the United States jiu-jitsu master Willie Jay introduced, know Ed Parker, two people once play, become forget year bosom friend for life.Ed Parker very appreciate Bruce Lee’s talent, learning and discussing with each other, support Bruce Lee to open a martial arts school, introduced him as a special guest to participate in California governor Causeway City “Causeway International Karate championship” martial arts performance Chinese kung fu, so that Bruce Lee in the United States a day famous.Later, Bruce Lee was invited to participate in the competition for many times.When Bruce Lee’s first book on martial arts, “Basic Chinese Boxing” was published, Ed Parker was glad to write a preface to it. The original text is here for all interested friends.”This is just the sum of my impressions of Bruce Lee.His system of kung fu is unique, precise and very practical.Its principles and concepts are logical, and the whole system is basically sound and reasonable.It is based on the principle of simplicity, but it is also complex.Its movement is sticky at the same time it is smooth, flexible at the same time it is rigid, shallow at the same time it is deceptive, dualistic at the same time it is integrated, angular at the same time it is smooth, not to mention its incredible speed and sudden attack.Not only is his system highly adaptable, but as a conversationalist, he is very interesting.His extensive knowledge of other Chinese kung fu systems and their historical and philosophical background leaves you no choice but to be a good listener.He was one of the few people I have ever met who was born with a gift for kung fu, and there is no doubt that this gift has been clearly applied to his work through excellent technique.I am glad to learn that he is writing a book on kung fu.He confirmed my belief in kung fu, and he was bound to be a great figure who showed the true art of kung fu.I highly recommend Bruce Lee’s book on the Art of Chinese kung fu.This well-informed book will show us the distinctive style of Chinese self-defense kungfu.I have seen the author’s method of education, and I find it so concise and effective.I was also amazed at the breadth of knowledge possessed by such a young Chinese kung fu master.His Wing Chun kung fu was unlike any other school of kung fu I had ever seen.I’ve never seen kung fu like it.Ed Parker and Elvis Presley I am sure that if I had started my kung fu training, I would have started with Wing Chun.Master Bruce Lee, he was a gentleman who was able to put his seemingly gentle methods to practical use.I’ve seen him perform beautifully, as fast as a leopard, as fast as lightning.He really is a master of the great Chinese martial arts.”As can be seen from the passage, Mr. Ed Parker’s opinion of Bruce Lee is quite high.As the master respected by everyone in the American martial arts circles, there is no need to compliment Bruce Lee. Of course, there may be some modesty of the master and praise from his friends. But in general, this article should be objective in its evaluation of Bruce Lee.Therefore, from which we can also realize that Bruce Lee as a generation of master, no matter his own kung fu and theory, it is really not blowing out of the air, can let an American martial arts master so appreciated, it is really not easy!