Wife comes home from work and watches the leftovers crumble. Husband: My mom says leftovers are your favorite food

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There’s always room in the family for your wife.Because in the wife’s heart, sometimes it is true that the husband’s family as their heart that very important place.But sometimes if the mother-in-law in the family is not a very easy to get along with, this will cause a lot of trouble and difficult to communicate with the wife in the family.Husband and wife, in particular, should know where they should put each other in their hearts in this relationship.After all, a husband and wife are the ones who support each other through life.If in a person’s mind, always only own a person.Then this person is an extremely selfish person, in life will not have the feelings of the other half.In order to show their filial piety, some husbands always listen to their mothers and do not put their wives in front of their mothers.Mama’s boy behavior can hurt your wife’s feelings, too.Zhao Ling is a thrifty woman. Before her marriage, Zhao Ling thought that her boyfriend sometimes gave her expensive gifts on some special festivals.Zhao ling would tell her boyfriend that Zhang Yang said there was no need to spend so much money because their money was not that easy to earn.And in life, Zhao Ling is a woman who knows how to budget carefully. She always spends every penny on the edge of the knife, and will not waste her hard-earned money casually.In addition, When she was in love with Zhang Yang, Zhao Ling always restrained herself and hoped that Zhang could live a better life with her own ideas.So when two people together, even if there is not so much money to spend, but does have a good goal, but also let two people have a good relationship to maintain.Therefore, for a long time, the two had no quarrel, so at an appropriate age, Zhang Yang proposed marriage to Zhao Ling.After they got married, Zhao Ling still felt that there were more places to spend money after they got married, so she did not want to spend extra money with Zhang Yang.With this idea in mind, Zhao Ling also worked harder, and sometimes she would stay and work overtime.Because now when working overtime is to be able to give overtime pay, Zhao Ling also won’t look down on this little overtime pay.Therefore, the meals zhao Ling often eats after working overtime are the leftovers of the family.At the beginning, Zhao didn’t think anything bad, as long as her mother-in-law cooked the food for her, even if it was just some leftovers, and kept a bite of the food for herself.But at home, Zhao Ling always eats, and she must feel uncomfortable.In daily life, even though Zhao Ling is really a thrifty person in her heart, if there is a better life in front of her, Zhao Ling will gladly accept it.Zhao pointed this out to her husband, saying that she worked so hard to make the family better and that she couldn’t always come home with leftover food.The husband said that the family had eaten early at that time, and it was good to leave some food.After zhao ling said this several times, Zhang Yang still said the same thing, zhao Ling said no more, but would cook some food by herself after working overtime.And zhao Ling never said this in front of her mother-in-law, sometimes the rest of the rice to clean up.Zhao ling found that she should discuss the issue from a different Angle when she finally told her mother-in-law.So Zhao stopped telling her husband zhang Yang and told her mother-in-law about her idea when she saw her mother-in-law after work.”Mom, you don’t need to leave me a meal every day.After all, I come back late every day, so I don’t want to eat these cold dishes.If I’m hungry, I’ll make some ready-made meals myself, and you don’t have to worry so much about me.”Zhao Ling said these, her mother-in-law is still unmoved.”Well, when you say we can’t finish this food, it must be left there.When you come back from work, you can eat all the leftovers and not waste them, can’t you?And don’t you always talk about living frugally?I think that fits in with your frugal side of the equation.And I think you really like my cooking. I always find you eat it very well.”After the mother-in-law said this, she did not want to continue to entwine with Zhao Ling. She felt that Zhao Ling was a little hypocritical.You talk about living frugally, but in fact you hate eating leftovers.But her mother-in-law thinks zhao ling still likes to eat her own cooked food, even the leftovers are so clean.So Zhao ling refused to eat leftovers when she found herself unable to make sense in the family.Sometimes I will buy some cooked food at the convenience store in front of the company when I work overtime.Just go home when the microwave inside the heat can put their midnight snack to solve.The devastated wife decides to divorce and Zhao Ling has no leftovers. This has been said for countless times.Of course those whine words, also only dare to say in front of his husband make public.After all, the mother-in-law is also their elders, certainly can’t speak ill of her mother-in-law in front of her.Once the company asked Zhao Ling to work overtime, zhao Ling thought it must be the same as usual, about 9 o ‘clock can be back home.But I did not expect that today’s work is quite busy, until more than 10 o ‘clock, Zhao Ling hurried back to his home.At this time, Zhao Ling was hungry and hungry, and Zhao Ling had already told her husband in advance that she hoped Zhang Yang could cook some food for her at home, because she was a little uncomfortable in her hungry stomach.Zhao also saw her husband reply to her wechat message.Said that the family has prepared the meal, waiting for Zhao Ling to come back can eat.Zhao Ling felt that her husband still felt sorry for her, knowing that she had worked overtime and made a midnight snack for herself.But I didn’t expect that my wife would come home from work and watch the leftovers collapse. After all, I have repeatedly told my husband.I am not the one who likes to eat leftovers, and this time I have made it clear in advance that I want to eat.That was long enough for the husband to cook himself a simple cooked meal.But the husband said, “My mom says you like leftovers the most, and I think all the things you say to me are just passing words.And in the middle of the night I have to give you to do, I am also very hard.Leftovers are good enough, and don’t be so fussy here.”After hearing this, Zhao Ling knew that the family could not stay after all.So after a while, Zhao Ling broke away from the family.In fact, in life, we must grasp our identity and status in a family, and we must actively deal with the relationship with all the people in the family.Especially when dealing with elders, be sure to have enough respect and respect.After all, we can certainly get a lot of help and support from our elders in our daily life.The more paths their elders have traveled, the richer their experience will be.But sometimes when a daughter-in-law is married to her husband’s family, she suddenly enters a strange environment and cannot adapt to her strange family.At this time, as a mother-in-law, you should not always think of yourself as a sweetheart, always think that your daughter-in-law is just an outsider.The mother-in-law has such an idea, the natural daughter-in-law will certainly not have any too close relationship with such a mother-in-law.Both of you should calm down a bit and communicate with each other.