What kind of black tea, white tea, rock tea just calculate bubble?Tell the root of 3 angles, go up knowledge

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“1” to see some people say that the Spring Festival is the privilege of adults.Stick couplets, watch the Spring Festival Gala, make dumplings, get red envelopes…During the Spring Festival holiday, adults can also relax appropriately and snuggle up to adults as a child.These days, there is no work, only a light smell lingering around the body.It is common to hear people say that the flavor of The New Year is getting weaker and weaker. In fact, no matter how weak the flavor of the New Year is, it cannot prevent an adult from returning to a simpler life in these days.Yes, Spring Festival really is a simple festival couldn’t be simpler.One of its purposes is to remind you of your childhood.Therefore, every year, the Spring Festival is the most anticipated holiday for those who are struggling outside.Village girl Chen here to wish, all tea friends, everything goes well, tiger roar wind.During the Spring Festival, drinking tea with family members is an indispensable activity.A large family sitting together, around the stove night talk, that scene is very warm, let people yearn for it.Bowl by bowl of soup, cup after cup slowly drink, the night was long.The night is long, but whether the tea will last that long is another matter.I once heard tea friends say that tea with high tea resistance can be soaked for more than 20 times, and only need 2 tea cups a night.What does bubble resistance have to do with it?That’s today’s topic.There is a great relationship between bubble tolerance and tea quality.Good tea is resistant to brewing, poor tea is not resistant to brewing this is inevitable.The outstanding white tea from the producing area is naturally rich in nutrients and grown in an environment suitable for tea plant accumulation.For example, the white tea from Gao Shan Tea Garden.High mountain, high altitude and low temperature, in the appropriate low temperature, will trigger the protection mechanism of tea trees, a large number of nutrients, for their own resistance to the cold.In addition, at low temperatures, tea plants produce thick pekoe, which is not only a source of pekoe, but also contains a large amount of theanine, which supplements the body.In addition, due to the high altitude and thick cloud layer, the long wave light cannot penetrate the cloud and fog to touch the tea trees, while the soft short wave light, namely diffuse light, can penetrate the cloud and fog layer to sprinkle the tea trees.In the soft light, is conducive to the tea tree gives birth to the fragrance of tea.In addition to temperature, light, high mountain moisture, air quality and fertility of the soil are very suitable for tea growing.The excellent growth environment shapes the tea green, the inner nutrient is very sufficient.And these rich nutrients, then need to be in place of the process.The process of white tea is not complicated, mainly withering, drying and picking.The tea green thin layer, timely spread air 70 cm from the ground on the water screen, the sun withering.After withering, the water content of tea leaves was dried to less than 8.5% by low temperature and slow drying.The white tea should be sealed, protected from light, moisture, dry and odor-free, and then stored in a dry and odor-free environment.Only in this way can we ensure the quality of tea as always.The tea with outstanding quality is rich in substance and cannot withstand bubbles naturally.3. In addition to excellent tea quality and high foaming resistance, brewing methods also have an impact on foaming resistance.For the simplest example, if the tea is made in a tureen with an uneven proportion of water, will the tea stand?2, 3 grams of tea, water 100-110 ml, such a tea ratio, how much can bubble?To be honest, such a tea ratio, surely can’t soak too much chong.In addition, the brewing method and the speed of the soup have an impact on the foam resistance.Some tea lovers are accustomed to making tea in a glass. When tea is made in a glass, the quantity of tea leaves is small and the tea is kept in contact for a long time.In this way, in the brewing process, the taste of the tea has been released in large quantities, the bubble resistance will naturally go down.So if you use a tureen to make tea, will it increase the tea resistance?Maybe.In order to have high tea foam resistance, it is recommended to use fast water when brewing with tureen.5 grams of dry tea, water 100-110 ml, from water to most of the tea pour time, control within 7-8 seconds is appropriate, so that you can let the taste of the material evenly released, no more, no less.So, a bubble then a bubble, if the bubble out of the tea taste slightly light after some, you can sit a cup for a while.Using this way of brewing tea, tea is not low.And if in the brewing time, sit cup stuffy bubble, so the result will change.Stuffy bubble, that is, tea leaves and water contact together for a long time, in this process, the taste of the tea will be excessive release, thus affecting the foam resistance.Any tea, even rich in matter, has a finite amount of nutrients.Excessive release of the front surface, then in the back will be insufficient afterpower, foam resistance decreased.In addition to the objective bubble tolerance, everyone’s subjective consciousness is different.In other words, everyone has a different idea of foam resistance.Some time ago, I saw a video about foam resistance.He was a tea maker, elegant in movement, soft-spoken and looking professional.At that time, she was talking about the tea’s resistance to brewing, she said, tea can be soaked seven or eight is considered very resistant.After hearing at that time, is a face puzzled.7, 8 even if very resistant to bubble, then you can bubble more than ten, or even twenty strong tea, how to calculate?In fact, using the right way to brew, bubble to 7, 8 is a routine operation, not high bubble resistance.Rule out the tea that can only be soaked to 7 or 8 because of improper brewing method, it is very likely that there are quality problems.The tea can only be soaked 7 or 8 chong, which can only prove that the amount of nutrients in the tea is less, and the taste is not enough after soaking.Another time, I went to a friend’s office for tea.At that time, his secretary served me with a cup of Pu ‘er tea.She says the pu ‘er tea is extremely durable, with a taste that lasts up to 40 cups.Er…In her eyes, soaking to 40 and taste is the bubble.In fact, in my personal perception, although the taste of the soup has weakened after more than ten cups, the aroma of the tea still drops into the water. The soup is thick, smooth and delicate, with full lasting appeal, which is the tea with high brewing resistance.If the bubble to 40 chong, as long as there is a light tea taste, even if the bubble, then I am afraid what tea is bubble.After all, how can a tea be called tea if it doesn’t even taste like tea?Everyone’s understanding of foam resistance is not the same, but we can know that there is no problem with excellent quality tea when it is soaked to 15 or 6 chong.5. When choosing tea, why choose tea with high tea resistance?It’s really simple.First, tea with high foam resistance is of better quality, which is beyond doubt.After all, if you don’t have the real thing, the foam resistance will be much lower.Second, tea with high foam resistance is more cost-effective.Good quality tea, can bubble to more than 10 strong, even more than 20 strong for tea.And the tea with poor tolerance bubble, bubble 5, 6 strong is about to change tea, although the price is cheap, but calculate carefully, it is very deficient.Moreover, the tea with high resistance to brewing is of good quality.Drink tea. Drink good tea.If you’re looking for cheap tea, you’re the only one suffering.It’s better not to drink bad tea!Original is not easy, if you think this article is helpful to you, please help to like.Pay attention to learn more about white tea and rock tea!Gu Chen is a columnist and chief writer of the original innovative media “Xiao Chen Tea” in the tea industry. 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