Pingyu County Donghedian town actively organized to download the APP

2022-06-02 0 By

In the media of henan News (Su Ling Li Yuan) recently, Pingyu County east and shop town in the Party committee and the government’s active call, the village committees have increased organizational efforts, publicity software of various benefit functions, vigorously organize the villagers to download puhuitong APP.Township and village two levels work together, actively implement the spirit of the town Party secretary Wang Hongliang meeting, vigorously promote, explain the significance and importance of “universal access” financial work;Through wechat group, printing and distributing propaganda pages containing specific TWO-DIMENSIONAL codes and other ways, village cadres will lead village cadres to carry out “GHUitong” APP publicity and promotion activities, and do a good job of household publicity and explanation.The town will be assigned to each town cadres, call on all town cadres to actively launch friends and relatives download.The town implements daily notification system, daily notification of the download progress of village residents, units and town cadres, to ensure the completion of tasks distributed in the county on time and in quantity, and strive to build inclusive financial education system with the participation of the whole people.