Jinfeng Court: Placing equal emphasis on enforcement measures and interpretation to promote case enforcement

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Recently, Wang Youjun, a judge of the Executive Board of jinfeng District People’s Court, quickly resolved two enforcement cases by making full use of investigation and control, credit punishment measures and patient interpretation of the law to the parties, effectively safeguarding the judicial authority and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.Zhang mou and Li mou original department of friends, in June 2016, Li Mou borrows 230,000 yuan to Zhang Mou, after Zhang Mou urges li mou to borrow money for many times, but Li Mou refuses to repay.In May 2020, Zhang filed a lawsuit to the Jinfeng District Court, after the court mediation, the two sides reached a mediation agreement, paid by Li.But Li mou in the payment of 180,000 yuan, there is still 50,000 yuan not paid as scheduled, Zhang mou urged many times, but Li mou refused to perform, helpless, Zhang Mou in December 2021 to jinfeng court application for enforcement.After filing the case, the judge contacted Li for the first time to ask him to fulfill his obligations, but no one answered the phone.Bank deposits in the name of the person subject to execution li, which are not available for execution after investigation and control according to law;After the court seized the vehicle, it could not be disposed of temporarily because it could not find its location.In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the application for execution, the undertaking judge will be included in the list of trust-breaking persons subject to execution according to law, limit its high consumption, and many times to the residence of the subject to execution to find, but did not find its whereabouts.When the case reached an impasse, on March 30, Li suddenly called Wang Youjun judge, said that because it was included in the court’s trust-breaking list can not take the plane and other travel, willing to fulfill obligations.Wang Youjun timely contact Zhang came to the court to deal with, after coordination, Li will be a one-time payment into the court execution account, Zhang applied to the court to close the case, the successful execution of the case.2 judge teach integrity class subject to the execution of wang mou and Zhang mou contract project dispute case, has been the people’s mediation committee mediation, by Zhang Mou to Wang mou installments pay ten thousand yuan, two people together to jinfeng District Court applied for judicial confirmation, but Zhang mou did not perform as scheduled, Wang Mou in March 23 to the court application for compulsory execution.After filing the case, the judge in charge of the timely investigation and control of zhang’s bank account, and take freezing measures in accordance with the law, because the account amount is insufficient, unable to perform all.Considering the case execution mark only ten thousand yuan, to undertake the judge zhang mou of phone calls, to its cohabitancy refuses to perform the legal consequences, and told that according to the regulations of ningxia credit repair advice issued by the court, if zhang active performance of court may, in the final certificate as issued by the active performance of the proof, for the subsequent in such aspects as financial loans to reduce negative effects,We will promote the construction of an honest society.Zhang listened to the judge’s patient explanation, the same day will be executed into the court execution account, the successful execution of the case.From January to March in 2022, Judge Wang Youjun accepted 474 cases of execution, and 165 cases were concluded, with an average of 55 cases concluded per month, and the execution target reached 22.122,600 yuan.”In the process of execution, in addition to making full use of the existing enforcement measures such as investigation and control and credit punishment, we should also communicate with the parties with heart and emotion, do more ideological work and try our best to resolve cases, so as to achieve better execution results.As a new judge, I will continue to practice myself in many aspects, provide high-quality judicial services for the people under my jurisdiction, and make my humble contribution to the high-quality development of Jinfeng District Court.”Source | jinfeng court original title: “jinfeng court: understanding and enforcement measures and interpretation Promote the case rulings,