Wutou Village: Develop and strengthen collective economy to increase people’s income and get rich

2022-06-01 0 By

In recent years, the cadres of the two committees of Xincheng Street Office and Wutou Village have united as one to overcome difficulties and make full use of the location advantages to vigorously promote collective economic development and resettlement housing construction. Various undertakings in the village have been carried out steadily and orderly, and the old appearance of the village has changed into a new one.Walking into wutou village, the reporter saw that the wuli town resettlement housing is in tense and orderly construction, by the villagers to raise funds to build a stake in the south of the city flower market, an endless stream of merchants.It is reported that 80% of the annual revenue of the flower market will be distributed to the masses in accordance with the proportion of shares, and the remaining 20% will be used in the construction of the village.Zhang Guowei, a villager from Woulitou Village of Xincheng Street Office, said, “Since the new village and village committees took office in October 2020, they have united as one and done a lot of good things for our people.The village’s back streets, once muddy, are now paved with concrete and lit with street lights.After discussion of the other two committees, a logistics storage park was built to solve a lot of surplus labor for the villagers.In addition, the idle land has been used to build a lot of fitness equipment, so that people have places to play in their leisure time, and the people are satisfied.”With the steady progress of various undertakings, especially the successful experience of flower market and logistics storage park, let the village taste the sweetness.In the New Year, Wutou Village will adhere to the leadership of party construction, continue to develop the collective economy as the starting point, and continue to promote the people to increase income and get rich.Wang Peng, secretary of the Wutou Village Party Branch of Xincheng Street Office, said: “In 2022, the two village committees will continue to lead the whole village people, work hard and forge ahead, adhere to a blueprint drawing to the end, implement the decisions and arrangements of the higher party committees, and adhere to the implementation of all work.”