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Ant Manor: What is the winter Olympic event called chess on ice?A, curling B, ice hockeyWhat is the winter Olympic event known as “chess on ice”?The ant Farm answer.What is the winter Olympic event known as “chess on ice”?This is ant Manor’s title, about the Winter Olympics event known as “chess on ice”?Curling and ice hockey.If you don’t know the correct answer, let’s look at the answers below.Ant Manor Title: What is Chess on Ice What is the Winter Olympic event known as chess on ice?The curling court measures 44.5 meters long and 4.32 meters wide (counting from the inside edge of the wooden frame).At one end of the rink, a circle with a diameter of 1.83 meters is painted as the players’ service area, which is called home plate.There is also a circle on the other end of the ice path, which is called camp.Wooden frames, two inches high and four inches wide, were placed around the grounds to prevent the stones from slipping out of bounds.There are 6 horizontal lines parallel to the end line across the stadium, the two in the middle are called avant-garde lines, also known as the column line;The two ends are called the defensive line.The width of the forward line is 4 inches and the width of the back line is l inches.There is a cross line in the middle of the forward line and the back line, called the center line, also known as the T-line.The intersection of the center line is the center of the camp.With the central point as the center of the circle, draw concentric circles with a radius of 0.15m, 0.61m, 1.22m and 1.83m outwards respectively. Paint blue between the two outer circles and red between the two inner circles.At each end of the field, 1.22 meters from the end line, there are two slanted rubber lifters with a height of 2 inches.The rubber part of the sliding frame should be tightly fixed to wood or other material.The lift frame shall not be more than 8 inches long and the inside shall be 3 inches from the center line.Curling is played against each other by two teams of four players.The game lasted 10 rounds.Each player on both teams has two curlers, or two tosses.The two teams toss the ball alternately according to the order of first base, second base, third base and the main player. When a player throws the ball, two players of his own team hold the brush in front of the ice to quickly brush the ice so that the curling stone can reach the center of the base accurately.An opposing player may also wipe the ice in front of the stone to keep it away from the center of the circle.When throwing the ball, players squat down, push forward with their feet on the starting pedal, and slide forward kneeling. At the same time, they push the ball forward from the center of home plate with the curling stone. When they reach the forward line, they release the curling stone and slide it to the center of the base in a straight line or arc track.The thrower, while trying to slide the stone towards the center of the circle, may also, under the command of the main player, knock the opponent’s stone out of the camp or his own stone into the center of the camp.Finally, when the two players have completed all the curling, the winner is determined by the distance between the curling stones on the field and the center of the circle. The team with more points wins by 1 point per stone.The competition is divided into two teams, each team has four players, take turns to throw the stone ball, the two sides before the throwing point close to the center of the circle throw first.Each game ends with each team tossing two balls each, and a total of sixteen balls thrown by eight players.The master of ice chess should lead the game.When the players throw the ball, the leader should hold the ice brush as the object of the throw.The leader shall also indicate the direction of rotation of the stone ball and the distance it should slide, and let the players know the purpose of throwing the ball, so that the roller can decide how to brush the ice, because brushing the ice can increase the distance of the stone ball and reduce the curve of the ball.Two sets of stone balls, each of eight, should be colored so that they can be easily identified at the other end of the ice track.Traditionally, in the first inning, the team that does not have the last toss chooses its team’s ball color.Athletes wear sportswear and race shoes (or shoe covers), which have different bottoms. The bottoms of ice shoes are rubber, while the bottoms of sliding shoes are plastic.The standard curling stone is chiseled from Scottish mica-free granite.What is chess on Ice The Winter Olympic event known as “chess on ice”?Curling Ice hockey answer: curling.That’s ant Manor. What is the winter Olympic game called chess on ice?Hope you will like it.Want to know more exciting content, quickly to pay attention to the small fat game miscellaneous # Ant manor the latest answer #