In 2010, a jiangsu nurse who looked like her ex-husband to her student was found to be her son, who had been dead for 17 years

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One day in 2010, jiangsu Xuzhou female nurse Zhang Caihong after several inquiries, found his cousin’s sister xiaocai and her husband Liu, as relatives to her home.Looking through the family’s photo albums at her partner’s house, liu’s son bore a striking resemblance to her ex-husband, a discovery that brought back 17 years of memories.17 years ago, Zhang Caihong was a nurse in a hospital. She met her ex-husband Li through free love.At that time, Li was just a repairman in a workshop, so her parents did not approve of the son-in-law, believing that he was not worthy of their daughter either in salary or job, so they kept persuading their daughter to break up with him and find a suitable husband.But at that time Zhang Caihong to Li already hell-bent, no matter how parents persuade do not agree to break up with him, finally ao but daughter of the old couple reluctantly agreed to the marriage.Zhang Caihong and Li came together, until her first pregnancy, the relationship between the two people are very close, life is also happy.Li’s mother is a conservative and feudal person, after her son got married, she has been talking about her daughter-in-law to give birth to a big fat boy, so as to continue the family line.And Zhang Caihong is that boys and girls are the same, and her mother-in-law’s feudal thoughts have more conflict, and in two people conflict, Li mou did not stand.And in Zhang Caihong pregnant with the first child, her mother-in-law chanting to a boy more frequently, and Zhang Caihong in the hospital to do an examination, found himself pregnant with the first child is her daughter, and the news was informed by her mother-in-law.Hope failed, Zhang Caihong’s mother-in-law asked her to abort the child, although Zhang Caihong also expressed opposition, but under the offensive of her mother-in-law, she still chose to compromise.After hearing the news of their daughter’s abortion, zhang’s family became more dismissive of her son-in-law’s family and suggested a divorce to their daughter, so that they could find a decent husband’s family when they were young.But Zhang Caihong still did not listen to the opinions of the family, in the days after still living in her husband’s home and pregnant with a second child.That Zhang Caihong was pregnant again, she worried that she was pregnant with her daughter and was asked to abort, returned to her mother’s home.Zhang family daughter is also very helpless, in Zhang Caihong foetus, the parents of a son-in-law’s opinion is greater, often suggest daughter abort the child and divorce, after the things they will help arrange.But Zhang Caihong is more persistent for the child, she must give birth to the child, no matter who can not control her decision.In the face of stubborn daughter, parents do not want to tube her matter, let her go back to her husband’s home to raise a baby, and she did not dare to go back, she decided to take refuge in cousin and sister-in-law.In the cousin’s home to keep the fetus was her family learned, they agreed that the child they will not recognize, but also can not be left to li, but Zhang Caihong pregnant for a long time, so Zhang Caihong parents let two people in their daughter gave birth to the child will be sent away.So, Zhang Caihong gave birth in his hometown, as to take care of her family, cousin and sister-in-law in the child and did not let her go to see, but told her that her son was disabled at birth, but also died, and the child has been dealt with by them.After hearing the news, Zhang Caihong meng, for cousin and sister-in-law’s words and did not doubt, after coming home from the hospital, she and Li’s feelings also have problems, and finally Zhang Caihong and Li divorced.Two years later, she and her now-husband got together, reuniting with a much happier family.And in this happy and plain life, she has not forgotten his son who has not had time to see the world, and in a diary to record his thoughts for this son.In 2010, Zhang Caihong became a veteran nurse in the hospital, and while she was working, two young female colleagues chatted about the hospital gossip.She was surprised to hear that 17 years ago, the mother’s family took away a baby boy and said that the child had died….At that time, she realized that the woman in the gossip was probably her, so her yearslong desire to find a son was aroused and she confessed to her current husband, who gained his understanding and sympathy.And she also in many inquiries, find their son’s whereabouts, and then there is the beginning of the scene.When looking through the photo album of liu’s family, she recognized that the boy inside is likely to be his son in those days. She asked liu’s family about the whereabouts of the child and learned that the other party was studying in a school and was about to go to college for the college entrance examination.Then, one day after the boy left school, she recognized the student who looked like her ex-husband at the school gate and identified him as her son.She then took a paternity test to confirm their relationship.It was her Cousins who made the decision to bring her son to the Liu family.The Zhangs were reluctant to accept the baby, so their Cousins decided to give the baby to the right person, Xiaocai.Xiaocai and Liu gave birth to a daughter, the body will have some problems leading to its can not be pregnant, and want to have a boy to carry on the family line Liu adopted the child, for these 17 years, will be as his own, no mistreatment of the child.Cousin and sister-in-law’s behavior undoubtedly violated the law, they will Zhang Caihong’s son away, and to others to raise.According to article 240 of the Criminal Law, whoever abducts and sells a woman or child shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years or life imprisonment;If the circumstances are especially serious, they shall be sentenced to death.In this case, due to the minor subjective malice of the two people, the sentence will not be too heavy. At the same time, 17 years have passed.According to the provisions of Article 87 of the Criminal Law on limitation of action, if the maximum punishment prescribed is fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but less than 10 years, no prosecution shall be pursued after 10 years.Because the case did not register the investigation at the time of the incident, and the time has passed the 10-year deadline for prosecution.Therefore, after zhang Caihong reported the case, the public security organs made the result of not filing the case after investigation.Zhang Caihong in his years of experience, and 17 years to tell his thoughts to his son, took out the thick diary, let the son believe his life, after thinking he decided to leave the adoptive parents’ family, follow his birth mother life.The son’s decision hurt Xiaocai and Liu, so they sued Zhang Caihong, asking her to pay the 17 years of child support of more than 300,000 yuan.Finally, through the mediation of the court, Liu’s family also gave up asking for 300,000 yuan of alimony, as long as the child is happy.