Latest injury report released!Coach Nash official declaration, the Nets were pit, Durant said

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The NBA regular season continues, and at this point it can be said that the regular season has reached its most critical phase.For teams in the play-offs and on the brink of the play-offs, every coming game is crucial.Like the Lakers in the West and the Nets in the East.These two teams were considered favorites early in the season, but no one expected them to play this way in the regular season.The Western Conference lakers have dropped out of the top 10 and are currently behind the SAN Antonio spurs, and the lakers have a tough schedule ahead of them to make the play-offs.The Eastern Nets are in a better position, with the 10th seed still in the playoffs.They need more wins in their next four games to stabilize and improve their ranking.At present, the Nets are still in a difficult situation, the latest injury report, coach Steve Nash’s official declaration of reimbursement, the Nets were pit, Durant said.Approaching the playoffs, the Nets team is still in the injury dilemma, next they will face the rockets, before the nets officially released the team’s latest injury report.Bruce Brown (non-COVID-19 illness) upgraded to probable;Seth Curry (ankle) and James Johnson (coronavirus illness) are doubtful;Dragic will be absent due to a health and safety agreement.Speaking of Seth Curry, coach Steve Nash said the team is studying whether to rest Seth Curry (sore left ankle) for the rest of the regular season.”That’s where we are right now…Should we give him a break?Would he feel better if he rested for a week?Or is he coming back soon?””He’s doing light workouts right now,” Nash said. “We don’t plan on him skipping three heavy workouts.”Nash said Simmons will miss this season’s play-off games.From the above report, we can see that the Nets have a number of key players with injuries, and their recovery will be extremely important for the nets in the upcoming regular season and playoffs.In particular, the trade of Ben Simmons, to the team did not play a game, the regular season + play-off reimbursement!Not so good for the Nets, or even for simmons.The nets traded James Harden for Simmons, Seth Curry and Draymond in a trade that ended the talk of a new big three that could lead to a comeback.Didn’t expect to simmons has been injured after the game, illness can not play.Now the Nets are getting screwed by the comparison between their regular season expenses and the 76ers’ strong performance next door after harden’s arrival.For the team’s current situation, the Nets franchise player Kevin Durant said in an interview that Durant does not care about the Nets ranking and the play-offs.”Who cares?Just play ball, we’ll see.””I think the watershed of our season was my injury.So, I don’t think we’re a weak team.It felt like we didn’t have a stable squad and then me and Owen were out a lot, that’s what happened.I like our lineup when we’re all on the court.”It is true that the Nets, who rely on the stars to play, are basically cold once the stars are absent.After all, Nash’s coaching skills are there for all to see.With the Nets in 10th place in the Eastern Conference and within a game of their main rivals, the next few games will be crucial as they try to win more.Next, they will play the Rockets, The Knicks, the Cavaliers and the Pacers successively. Against the Rockets is the welfare bureau and the key battle for the Nets, but the absence of many players in the team affects the strength of the Nets to a certain extent. The Nets must win this key game.They need to win more games to stay in the rankings.