A man in Fuan “lost” electric car after the alarm, the outcome is surprising

2022-05-29 0 By

On March 25, The Fuan City Public Security Bureau Chengyang police station received Mr. Zhang reported that its parked in fuan city chengyang town downstairs of the electric car stolen.After receiving the police, chengyang police station immediately organized the police arrived at the scene, and quickly launched an investigation, through visiting nearby people, preliminary lock “stolen” electric car suspect is Zheng mou, the police called to the police station to further understand the situation.On inquiring, jeong one to their friends in the afternoon of March 23, zhang x (alarm), the son of Mr. Zhang borrow electric cars, but zhang so-and-so will not lend the electric business told his parents, his father in shenyang police station, unbeknownst to eventually make the oolong, civilian police to cancel after verification.(Li Wen, Fulin, Cuilian, Fu ‘an Public Security Bureau)