22 years pure electric new car first look, Ne Zha is pushing new, Fei Fan R7 and lightning cat play sports trend

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Now the domestic war of new energy intensified, many car forces are involved in them, do not want to become the future of the war.In the next few days, we will see a lot of pure electric cars coming out.They were the first to be sold, the first to be noticed.This digest selects three popular stars and gives you a taste of their unique charms in advance.Nezha S showed strong competitiveness in the sales war in January.Its total delivery of 11009 new cars of all kinds, not only to achieve a staggering 402% year-on-year growth, but also successfully achieved three consecutive months to break the ten thousand good performance, in the new car manufacturing forces, the development momentum is quite rapid.The reason why it can achieve a strong breakthrough is due to its product layout and strategic thinking from low-end to high-end, which can attract the attention of consumers at different levels.At last year’s Shanghai auto show, Ne Zha S made its debut as the brand’s first mid-to-high-end model, making it the focus of much media coverage.Built on the platform of “Shanhai”, the car is positioned as the most popular sedan model and the first B-class digital electric model under Nezha.Its play science fiction line on appearance, pay attention to apply avant-garde concept when designing modelling.The front part of the closed net is very cold, slender and sharp group of lights full of aggression.Hidden door handles and through-through taillights cater to a trend that young people can’t put down.The car is quite powerful in terms of technology attributes, not only equipped with a large touch LCD screen and full LCD meters, but also embedded with up to 13 cameras +12 ultrasonic radar, and many other configurations, can achieve L4 intelligent driver assistance system, which is still very rare in the market.The battery-only model is expected to have a range of more than 800 kilometers, while the extended-range model will be able to drive more than 1,100 kilometers continuously.Feifan R7 now the domestic car market is thriving, a variety of brands like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, so that consumers dizzying.Coming from Roewe, Feifan Automobile tries to gain a firm foothold in the middle and high-end new energy battlefield at the beginning of its establishment, and becomes a member of the leading group of emerging automobile manufacturing forces.Its first pure electric medium and large SUV Feifan R7 has been shown in many auto shows, every move has attracted the attention of the outside world.Feifan R7 shape design features sports style, catering to the aesthetic preferences of young friends.Its front part of the penetration LED light belt is very attractive, but also can support a variety of dynamic effect switch, driving at night is very fashionable.The lower trapezoidal net is filled with a transverse blackened structure to strengthen the attack.New car side slip back attitude is very eye, hidden door handle will not be absent.21 inch hub unique shape, tail lamp group shape and front lamp group echo, recognition is beyond doubt.Technology attribute is a big hotspot of Feifan R7, which is built by R-Tech high-energy intelligence body, using cutting-edge technology in intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and electric technology.The Luminar lidar is the world’s first mass-produced lidar with 33 cameras.In addition, the car also uses NVIDIA DRIVE AGX OrinTM super power chip, fluency is a step up.The new car provides different versions of single motor and double motor in terms of power, and its three-electric system has more than 1000 patented technologies, ensuring charging efficiency and safety attributes.Euler Lightning Cat is now in the “cat” strategy, trying to capture the hearts of miss City girls.After preheating for a long time, lightning cat is finally about to enter the sales war.The car is known as “the most beautiful coupe of the Great Wall”, the shape of the design will certainly not fall.Many mocked it as a “copy” of the Porsche Palamela.But the car’s designer, Eamon Delta, used to work for Porsche, so some similarities are understandable.The shape of Lightning Cat is smooth and elegant, full of sports.The shape of the big lamp group is round and lovely, and the closed front face complement each other.The side backs are handsome, and hidden door handles and frameless doors are must-have elements for fashionistas.Whirlwind five-spoke wheel hub is very sharp, waist line layout to strengthen the overall sense of hierarchy.The rear lights are very similar to the front lights, and the ORA letters in the middle are unmistakable.Lightning Cat is 4871mm long and has a 2870mm wheelbase.The interior features a luxurious look, plenty of leather and just the right amount of stitching.The floating touch LCD displays scientific and technological figures, and the barrel instrument is very unique.Currently, the new car is equipped with a maximum power of 150 kilowatts of driving motor and a driving range of more than 650 kilometers.It is worth mentioning that the car will be followed by a cobalt-free battery and dual-motor four-wheel drive version, some new cars can accelerate to 100km in just 3.5 seconds.After all, with the word “Lightning” in its name, it has to be worth it in terms of performance.