Nearly 180 students from Songjiang Martial Arts School participated in the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

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The opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium at 20:00 on February 4th. The dance “Beginning of Spring” amazed the audience.Nearly 180 students from songjiang Martial Arts School took part in the performance.It is reported that in September 2021, songjiang Martial Arts School was tasked with selecting 100 students and five teachers to participate in the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.On October 7th, the teachers and students of Songjiang Martial arts School went to Yantai for closed training. On December 4th, they went to Beijing for training.At the opening ceremony, the students who participated in the performance in the Bird’s Nest stadium performed the lively scene of the Beginning of Spring with zero mistakes, and presented the “perfect combination of Chinese Spring Festival culture, the Great Wall culture and the Olympic culture” to the audience around the world.”Including the candidates, nearly 180 students participated in the opening ceremony performance. We saw that the students made no mistakes, and the four-month training was not in vain. All the efforts were worth it.”Luo Yanhai, coach of Song Jiang Martial Arts School who led the Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony, said.Volkswagen · Poster News reporter learned that the dance “Spring” performance scene of 10 meters long pole, each movement is different, how to accurately control?Actors are required to complete some scenes by lifting the pole, but “lifting the pole”, a seemingly simple action, is actually very difficult to operate.According to Luo, in order to keep the poles from shaking and trembling, students practice with long poles held against the wind by the seaside in Yantai, Shandong province, to improve stability.”Now the kids hold the pole and throw it down like it’s a straight pole. There’s absolutely no shaking or touching.””There are dozens of timetables that children recite every day and every movement forms muscle memory,” luo said.Children are very familiar with which Angle the pole is placed, which space it is aimed at, and what range and height it is.”This performance is the song Jiang martial arts School participated in the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 after the performance, song Jiang teachers and students to the “mission on the shoulder, strive to have me” the spirit of the outstanding completion of the performance.Learned, sung river school is founded upon the approval of the department of education and sports a civil-military and repair, to construct the school closed, boarding, 12 years, with all grades from high school and sanda, boxing, wrestling, film and television special course, such as more than 80, have students from all over the country more than 4000 people, the staff more than 400 people.