Liu Xuezhou’s sorrow!She scratched her uncle to meet her parents, but her mother blocked her

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Recently, Liu Xuezhou’s family on the Internet abuse, abandoned and other events entrusted a lawyer.Before the Spring Festival, Liu Xuezhou chose to commit suicide because of conflicts with his biological parents and network violence. After Liu Xuezhou committed suicide, the society aroused strong sound, and his biological parents also became the object of public criticism.Liu Xuezhou, a gleason’s 15-year-old teenager, has a stubborn streak.Liu xuezhou’s adoptive parents died unexpectedly when he was 4 years old. He grew up with his grandparents, who regarded him as life.When Liu Xuezhou is informed that he is not his parents biological, his attitude is determined to find his biological parents.Liu Xuezhou’s uncle does not agree with Liu Xuezhou’s search for relatives, the reason is very simple, because Liu Xuezhou’s grandmother too love the child, if the child finds his biological parents, uncle worried that he will leave grandma, grandma can not accept the fact.Unexpectedly, However, Liu’s parents did not want their long-lost son back like other parents. Although they had a kinship with Liu, liu’s mother shielded her son because of conflicts over his house.Liu Xuezhou wanted to have a home in the biological parents there to eat the door, biological parents also publicly accused Liu Xuezhou back is to want a house, overwhelmed Liu Xuezhou choose to commit suicide in the face of network violence.Recently, Liu Xuezhou’s aunt mentioned an incident on the gleason set. She said liu’s uncle had been opposed by his family when he adopted a new bride. After the two men clashed, his uncle pushed Liu down on the sofa, and Liu accidentally scratched his uncle’s face in the process.Because ao however Liu Xuezhou, the home can only agree that he goes to recognize relatives, but the compromise in the home lets Liu Xuezhou lose life however.Although he is not his own, liu’s uncles, aunts and grandparents all regard him as their children.And liu Xuezhou’s biological parents in the depths of the heart and do not want to recognize this biological child, in Liu Xuezhou’s deathbed when he just understand his real family is those who prevent him from recognizing the maternal uncle.Mr Liu overestimated his standing in the eyes of his biological parents. If he had his time to do it again, he would not have chosen a new family, let alone a conflict with his uncle.And to uncle, he regrets not to prevent Liu Xuezhou thoroughly to recognize relatives, also regret to conflict with Liu Xuezhou.Liu Xuezhou’s tragic life is related to his parents. When he was born, he was abandoned by his parents. When he grew up, he wanted to find his parents and was abandoned by his parents again.