Is the original god in satin painting too ugly?The player draws the damask person in god, net friend: end exploder official stand draws

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As an almost single-player experience, The content updates of Protogod are no different from those of a single-player game.This ensures the quality of the game to a considerable extent, it’s not easy to “pull your hips” in the future, it can make the game extremely boring, and the “long grass” is less playable than some smaller games.Every time the Original Gods is updated, it may not be boring, because there are new characters and mechanics that take a while to learn.But as the game nears the end of a version, there’s nothing left to do.Players have passed the second Hawali in Tiwat, and now protogod 2.5 is upon us, and the game is once again in its “grass age”.There’s always been an interesting story about Protogod: it was single-player from every point of view, but had to switch to PVP because of the lack of gameplay.There is no “PVP” in Protogod, which obviously means that after a day of daily tasks, everyone is talking to each other.Damask silk painting is too ugly?To what extent is content scarce in Protogod games?2.5 Characters: Yaejo has not yet been introduced in version 2.5, but we are looking forward to the upcoming versions of Yaejo, Atracutsu and Yao Yao.If there were something to do at the end of the Original God version, maps and exploration, and treasure chests to open, you wouldn’t be looking forward to new characters.Expecting too much makes them more focused on new characters and more likely to spot flaws.Not long ago, ayanto Kami, the character of rice wife in The Original God, was teased by many players. Many people thought that ayanto Kami’s drawing style was too ugly and did not look like Mihayu’s.At first, Lord Chunqiu did not think anything, but later he stared at the damask’s face, and found that the more he looked at it, the more strange it was, which was totally different from the male characters in the original God.”Original God” players draw the damask in god now players can be described as “powerful”, especially the second yuan players, when the official drawing is not satisfied, they will draw their own drawing.Recently, a stand-up drawing by one of the big players received unanimous praise from protogod players.As you can see in the picture above, at first glance, I thought it was a real character from The Original God.Of course, if you look closely, you can see the differences in style, miha you’s role drawing or its own system.After the explosion of official art, “Original God” players are outspoken, players have praised the art: lost in wanbao (official art).High degree of completion.Is it really not official?More natural than the official stance and no strange face.The player said that The Spring and Autumn Lord thinks that the lie-e painted by himself is indeed more “strong” than the damask in the original god, and also more beautiful…But not necessarily in line with god in the damask people set.There was a sickly feeling about ayanami in the original God game, and while the player’s drawing was better than the official one, it didn’t necessarily match the character’s design.However, “The original God” is now exposed ayato Kamiori tachi, is not necessarily the final version of the official dress.Just like when Shin hak-lie-e was first exposed, there were several lines near the weapon he was holding.However, these small flaws were optimized by Mihalyu before reaching the official suit, and the painting was slightly better.