Ci of Chu (30)

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Qu Yuan was not allowed to be seen again for three years.Exhaust know loyalty, and shield zhang in slander.Distraught and confused.When he went to see zheng Zhanyin, his wife, he said, “I have some concerns, but I would like to make a decision for you.”Zhan Yin is the end of the fu Turtle, said: “How will you teach it?”Qu Yuan said: “I would rather be very simple and faithful.Will it be sent to Lorais infinity?Prefer weeding and straw to vigorous cultivation.Will the traveler become famous?Is Ning calling a spade a spade and risking his life?Will be notto be born from vulgar riches?Rather detached high fidelity?Will 哫 zi Li si, oh Yi Ru son with a woman?Would you rather be incorruptible and upright?Will suddenly ladder funny, such as fat such as wei, to clean surplus?Is it better to be proud than a horse of a thousand miles?Will it be like water?With the waves up and down, steal with all my body?Rather with steed yoke?Will you follow the trail of nagin?Would it be better to have wings with yellow swan?Will it compete with chicken ducks?Which is better?Where to go?Being polluted and not being clear, being heavy and being light;Huangzhong abandoned, Wapu thunder;Slander high zhang, the wise unknown.Who knows my integrity?”Zhan Yin thanked him for his explanation, saying, “The ruler has some shortcomings, the inch has some strengths, the material has some shortcomings, the wisdom is unknown, the number is not grasped, the god has some shortcomings.With your heart, line your meaning, turtle policy sincere can not governor.”Qu Yuan had been exiled and did not see the king again for three years.He tried his best to be wise and loyal, but was wronged by the slanders of villains.The heart is vexed, thinking vexed, do not know how to do.Qu Yuan said, “I have doubts in my heart. I ask you to help me decide.”Zhan Yin arranged yarrow, which was used for divination, wiped the turtle and said, “I wonder what you want to say?”Qu Yuan said, “Should I be honest, diligent, simple and honest, or should I have endless entertainment and entertainment?Should I spend my life weeding and plowing, or lobbying the rich and powerful for fame?Should be honest admonished regardless of personal danger, or the pursuit of wealth and ignoble life?Should be detached from the world to maintain the truth, or like a seductive woman servile?Should we be clean and upright, or should we be smooth and sophisticated, like grease, like a ripe cowhide can be wrapped around a pillar?Should it be majestic like a vigorous horse, or floating like a wild duck in the water to save their lives and drift with the tide?Should I keep pace with the horse, or follow the horse?Should they fly together with the birds, or compete with chickens and ducks?Which of these things is auspicious or sinister?What can’t you do? What can you do?The world is murky and unclear. Thin cicadas are considered heavy, while thousands of jun objects are considered too light.The loud yellow bell was destroyed and abandoned, but the vulgar kettle as a musical instrument thunder;Slanders and sycophants are arrogant and domineering, but wise men are unknown.Don’t say it, who knows my honesty and loyalty!”Zhan Yin then laid down his plan and thanked him, saying, “A foot may be too short, and an inch may be too long. All things have shortcomings, and wise men may not understand them. Sometimes the number of hexagrams may not be calculated, and the power of gods may not be reached.I will do as you please. It is impossible to know.”