On-again, off-again fake couple, eating and drinking real brothers

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01 “Jin Ping Mei” the opening, is the Hot knot ten brothers of Ximen Qing, should count, Xie Xida, Zhu Shread, Changzhi section and other dry people, surrounded ximen Qing, carrying cattle carrying pigs, mighty and mighty came to the Jade Emperor Temple.Jade Emperor temple is qinghe county first-class luxury club, and Lichun hospital, one responsible for the liberation of the body, a specialized cleansing of the soul.Since it is to wash the soul, the host has to find a male man, otherwise to be a delicate little nun responsible for reception, will certainly let the heart to heart hand in hand of the ten brothers fantasize.Ten brothers strode to the temple, Wu Daoguan smiled to welcome in, he had already received a notice, early on the ceremony ready.Look at the scene, really grand: “The palace saga, towering palace walls, the main hall is resplendent, two corridors under the eaves a steep.Enter the door, two are yao grass qi hua, green pine bamboo.The cave is endless years, pot days have different universe.”The above paragraph is taken from the original jin Ping Mei. To be honest, it is really difficult to type out the words studied by the ancients in pinyin.In order to save effort, I will not copy the description of the ceremony, but sum up in one word: trench.No, not enough to show the feelings of the ten brothers.As the saying goes, good feelings, a stuffy;Shallow feelings, lick a lick.Shallow feelings, erguotou;Deep feelings, Maotai.Ximen Qing’s way of expressing his affection to his brothers was to eat, drink and play with silver.But the other nine, in addition to a penny or two, were sent by others, red, yellow and gaudy pieces, which together were not worth much money.It doesn’t matter. It’s all inclusive.Not only did I cover the cost of the ceremony, but I also arranged the following entertainment items: brothers, the little sister of Lichun Yuan can’t wait to mute her mobile phone, loosen her belt and enjoy it.No money in your pants?Never mind, after play to brother here to receive silver.Give silver at every turn, Ximen Qing this big brother when indisputable, the brothers are convinced by oral, bow mouth sweet as honey.”It’s just…””, Wu Yueniang, Wife of Ximen Qing, asked, “Are the brothers bought in this way reliable?”02 “How unreliable!Bought brothers are the purest.Ximen Qing is right wu Yueniang’s admonition turns up his nose at, he has no time to discuss the meaning of brother with wife, just in the actual action in the future, showed what is good brother, what is bad brother.Huazixu is a bad brother.In terms of wealth, Huazi was ten times better than Ximen Qing. His uncle, the eunuch of Huazi, had been a red man in the palace for many years.He lived in a big house, in the next door, the house was decorated beautifully, let Ximen Qing envy;He married a pretty daughter-in-law, white skin beautiful amorous feelings of li Bottle son, let Ximenqing not greedy eyes.The key is, flower child virtual is the city of Tokyo, had followed the flower eunuch to travel north and south, see the big world, strange technology prostitution qiao know more than Ximen Qing, every time from the warehouse to touch a novel toy, all let a dry brothers praise unceasingly.Ximen Qing grew up in Qinghe County, have never seen.More importantly, huazi virtual battle with deep pockets, not how to put Ximenqing in the eye, not very respect Ximenqing.In the beautiful spring courtyard bao field, Ximen Qing bao once, spend zixu also want to follow the package once, pomp is bigger, give the silver more, the brothers jubilant let Ximen Qing very anxious.More key is, every time see West door qing anxious, flower zixu even take the opportunity to satirize some time: how, or my brother is much!It is little to spend money, but much to face.As long as there were flowers, Xi Menqing could not sit firmly.As a result, he used the hottest means to spend zixu: hook up with his wife, steal his property, frame his lawsuit, the result of his life.Throughout the book, this is the most ruthless west door qing, than the treatment of wu also ruthless.After all, Wu da is a servant, not on the table, beaten is common, But kick him ximen Qing, and then conveniently stuffed to Pan Jinlian a pack of arsenic.Huazixu but Ximenqing’s sworn brothers, two people are often drinking together to discuss women’s boxing.Brother make family ruin, Ximen qing heart is also faint uneasy.Wife Wu Yueniang also said: you ah, make somebody else into such, will suffer retribution.So, flower child virtual is really a bad brother, one let West door celebrate have no face, 2 let West door virtual very not at ease, midnight dream return, at the moment often emerge flower child virtual shadow;Nap wake up, often want to ask the boy, that flower have no trouble greatly?Hua Da is the elder brother of Hua Zi Xu, who is the most feared by Ximen Qing.We’ll talk about that later.Compared with the two, count Ying, bought entirely by silver, was a good brother of Ximen Qing.On Count Ying, Ximen Qinghua had more money than Pan Jinlian.He had lunch and dinner at Ximen Qing’s house, and if he came early, he would have breakfast occasionally.If one day did not come, that day is hungry, waiting for the next meal.His entertainment was entirely arranged by Ximen Qing, taking him to the lantern fair, to the brothel, and to the temple to burn incense.He was the first person invited to any family event, whether it was the birth of a child or the death of his wife.His appearance was decorated by the West Gate Celebration.He invited, Ximen Qing with the entry;He gave birth to a baby, Ximen celebrate red envelope service;He New Year’s Day, Ximen Qing early ready for the Spring Festival goods for the boy carried over;He is hard up, looking for Ximen Qing to borrow 20 two flowers, Ximen Qing jilted out of 50 two.If the flower is empty, see Ximen Qing jilted silver, it is estimated that the face will be black, from his arms took out a heavier jilted back.But Count Ying, who was a good brother, said with a timid face: “My brother’s hospitality!Do you take no IOUS?”Such a good brother, face to face asked Ximen Qing is not really do not accept iOU, so even if there is a IOU, Ximen Qing is certainly a big hand tear: “silly boy, my home has gold and silver mountains, inexhaustible, who care about you in general?”Really?To know ximen Qing is a full of smart people, he does not care about hiding big care.At first glance, to get so many favors from Ximen Qing, ying Earl paid, but a mouth.He read and write, every day gather together in the west of the rear end of the celebration, he patted full buttock spring.In fact, otherwise, Ximen Qing from the Ying count there to get, no less than the flower.First of all, Ximen Qing is a big official, every day is not sitting in the lobby is sitting in the yamen, status limits, it is impossible to explore those gossip.This task was entrusted to Count Ying.He is well-informed, jijijiliu street gossip, received in the ear to run to tell Ximen Qing.Ximen Qing did not go out, he knew the world.Secondly, Ximen Qing was an official. There were two elements of being an official: one was decent and the other was dignified.The combination of the two is a great distance away from people, so that those who rely on connections through the back door can not find a gap.Should be the count is that seam, Qinghe county know, to trust Ximen qing affairs, find should be the count.Ximen Qing remained decent and dignified.Finally, in case of trouble, Count Ying can be thrown out first.Who do not want to have an accident, everyone knows that after the count should be the first step of bad luck, interests are at stake, he gave Ximenqing service, that also have to be steadfast, diligent.If he has a mind, want to plot evil here in West gate qing, that is very difficult.In addition to The count Ying and Hua Zi Xu, there were seven other brothers.If the count behind the dry work, Xie Xida, Zhu Shishu, Changzhi section can not run to tell The West gate qing?Raising so many brothers in one breath seems to be a luxury, but in fact it is to let brothers supervise each other and compete for favor.This is ximenqing of the royal art, cunning such as should be the count have to be diligent.Later, should be the count back to the West to pull ten thousand two silver big work, he took a Li SAN door, Li SAN has access, received the palace manufacturing antique business, but to ten thousand two silver capital.Li SAN has no money, he asked the count to find Ximen Qing.There’s no business as rich as the palace.Ximenqing daxi, hurried out of the faithful boy with Li SAN to dozen.Ask, without this kind of person, west door qinggan sitting at home, how can the sky fall big business.So Count Ying was a good brother and worthy of hospitality;Hua Zi Xu is a bad brother. He must be killed.If the virtual existence of the flower, he can also take out tens of thousands of taels of silver capital, it is likely to take away the business of Ximen Qing.Spend zixu money more loose, more generous to the brother, should be the count took Li SAN to find the flower zixu, can get more fat from him there.05 do not need to make the silver brother, you fight me, you fight to death;Brothers bought for money, more and more happy.Gather more, ximen qing is more prosperous, came to deliver the news one after another, the flow of business flow.Wife Wu Yueniang still complain in the back room, these eat and drink to the brothers, not a bosom chuai true feelings.How much is the truth worth?If it can be measured in silver, how is it different from the count?When Ximenqing spring breeze satisfied horseshoe disease of the time, there is really no difference;And once he was gone, all of a sudden, he lost all his brothers.