March 1 began to be implemented, the mother of the new regulations coming, “personal payment code” era is coming to an end?

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Click attention, wonderful every day!The era of “personal payment code” is coming to an end.As we all know, science and technology change our life. With the rapid development of science and technology, our life has already been greatly changed by science and technology.Before people go out to buy things need to carry a lot of cash and bank cards, so not only always worried about being stolen, but also accidentally may be “lost”, not only inconvenient, but also very unsafe;As in the past, migrant workers were often stolen on the train during the Spring Festival, but now with mobile payment, this situation almost disappeared, because people hardly use cash any more!Since Jack Ma launched Alipay, a mobile payment method, many people have become accustomed to using Alipay for money transfers and transactions.Soon Alipay had a large number of users. In addition to Alipay, Ma Huateng’s wechat also launched mobile payment functions.The birth of Alipay and wechat has made the domestic mobile payment market develop very rapidly. Now the number of users of these two mobile payment giants has exceeded 1 billion, and it has been popularized to a large extent in China. The emergence of this mobile payment method not only greatly facilitates people’s life;But also speed up the development of our country to a cashless society!With the rapid development and popularity of mobile payment, many of us have become accustomed to living without cash;When I go out, I only need to carry a mobile phone. No matter what I buy, I only need to scan the code to make payment, which is very convenient. And I have not remembered how long I have not withdrawn money.Nowadays, from shopping malls and supermarkets to small vendors selling vegetables, almost all of them are using mobile payment to pay.With the development of mobile payment scale is getting bigger and bigger, we must also standardize the management of mobile payment market, and the new regulations have come, starting from March 1, “personal payment code” era is coming to an end?Now pay treasure account and WeChat code has become almost the collection tools, various vendors selling vegetables even 50 s and 60 s of the old man will use to receive payment collection code, for consumers and businesses, a payment code is more convenient, but central mother has announced new regulations, will ban the personal credit code is used as a management commercial use of code,And this new regulation will be officially implemented on March 1st!With this new rule, is the era of “personal payment code” coming to an end?First of all, we want to know, now the payment code is mainly divided into personal collection code and merchants gathering code two kinds, generally have the business license of formal business is business credit code, and the personal management vendors use mostly is a personal payment code, and according to the new rules, starting from March 1, personal credit code can’t be used as business purpose of collection,This also means that the “personal payment code” used by vendors will come to an end, but this does not affect our private transfer, for ordinary users, they can still use as usual, not affected!Generally speaking, the new regulation of Central Mother is mainly to regulate the collection of money for the street vendor market and personal collection code for business purposes. After all, such collection is directly transferred to the account of the other party without tax.For vendors, to stay in business, they have to pay in cash or apply for a commercial collection code.On the one hand, this can prevent tax evasion, on the other hand, also ensure the security of the market, at the same time, can also ensure the security of the collection code, to avoid the merchant’s collection code is replaced by people and produce losses, can also be said to be a very good measure, do not know what you think about it?