“Five Ha” Vegetable garden is Xu Zhisheng’s bad variety

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“Five,” play for a long time, without knowing which variety become resident iQIYI variety, in the second quarter, although it is obviously different from other variety, or a little things, like the ultimate challenge, “run”, has not, without the variety of humor and fun, and all of a sudden dramatic collision and natural integration of the punchline.The previous program innovation in the program now is also very few, the public watch is very tired, exhausted laughter, are all in advance all kinds of scripts and people set, in fact, very boring.Although five ha is also hard to escape this situation, but it is really a bit of new creative creation program, is the recent Xu Zhisheng frequently participate in various variety shows, also came to this program, in fact, it is not very strange, after all, is a hot joke, or a new person, must work hard to play.But sometimes really too hard, or have to say that Li Dan has the ability, but also not bad, variety sense is also very strong, sometimes very funny.This can also be said to be Xu Zhisheng in the lead.How can I put it?Take this period xu change to the principle of the garden, and introduce the organic vegetables, and at the same time introduce the rules of the game, and park, director of communication and so on, the whole process, encounter various not cooperate, interrupt, mocking, embarrassment, words, and so on, the most awkward and he don’t know what next, also a bit not clear mind, really very embarrassed.But Zhisheng still solved it, although it was also a little embarrassed to solve.He laughed all the time. Although it was not the first time for him to participate in a variety show, he had to say that his ability to solve problems was convinced by laughter, even when he talked loudly.It’s also a sense of humor and wit that adds to the punch line.In terms of performance, the first is the change of the chief manager Chen He, everyone voted by a show of hands, only Zhisheng forgot to raise his hand, and then he took the initiative to add, and then said: “I have long been dissatisfied with Chen He, for this moment.”To be laughed at by Lee Dan is to succeed.And Zhisheng raised his hand to campaign performance should be taken from the people, used in the people, really smart.Two, Zhisheng after the change of the leadership on the first to suppress Chen He, behind the introduction of the process, let everyone in the garden lined up a line, no one to obey, manually clear everyone step back, helpless and humble, so simple requirements, like the management of kindergarten children as difficult to convince the crowd.Third, Zhisheng wants to talk about the process behind, has not spoken, everyone blocked his mouth, all kinds of impatient, do not remember what to say, he can not speak, in fact, like the teacher in charge of all kinds of disobedient students, is always interrupting.After dividing two teams, also want to discuss, zhisheng extremely difficult, dividing the team is also teased to say “dividing two teams also need grandstand Ben?”They wanted a whistle, because they kept talking and couldn’t manage it, and at the end they wanted to introduce the rules of the game, saying that there were nine squares but the number was wrong, and that this was a 4X4 square, which just killed me.After the introduction of garden rules, Zhisheng asked who was the owner of the garden?”You, of course,” said the director.Is also funny not to ask the teacher to come up, say that finish by the way let somebody else go down, finally forget the game needs a teacher to identify the kinds of dishes, the result left people again.Finished with the teacher said: “the team is some difficult to take, let you laugh.”Five, Li Dan for zhisheng game introduction to some supplement, ask “flag is why?””Do you have to ask?”Zhi Sheng has been helpless, angry answer.It was awkward. It really wasn’t necessary.Whole is a bad point, he wins full speechless, although he wins the whole process is not very suitable, although is brought down, but still have to say his wit and humor, no problem of shandong humor, clever dog bit type, with this variety is set, this moment he wins in the show is really attractive glow.