Day 1575: Late night, English character action, emotion and scene description

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1575 day © English super writing dad, 4.3 years in a diary of my daughter’s life by the end of this article.(3) A Diary for My Yunduo' (4) A Diary for My Yunduo'Er ©Day 1575, Apr 6,2022 (Wed)(Excerpt)This was a wakeful night for me. It was so quiet I seemed able to hear time ticking by.t drop off yet when it was already almost 1:30am. In the dead of the night I felt a sudden overwhelming urge to contemplate your face. I got up, rounded the big bed, came up to your small bed where you were sleeping like a log, face up. I crouched down and reached out over the wooden side of your bed to take your small left hand. I cupped my hand and let yours stay in it for a while. I was studying your elfin face. You were breathing gently, Your eyes Viaduct to mere slits. “Yunduo er, we all love you,” I said in a whisperI can’t sleep.Very quiet, I seem to be able to hear the time drip-drip flow away.By 1:30 a.m., I was still awake.In the middle of the night, I suddenly feel like visiting you, very, very much.I got up and walked around the big bed and came to your little bed. You were lying on your back, sleeping soundly.I crouched down, reached over the bar of the bed, took your little left hand, held it in mine, and remained there for a moment.I look into your little face.You breathe calmly, eyes slit.”Cloud, we all love you,” I said softly.In the dead of the night, sleep like a log3. Your eyes viaduct to mere slits: narrowIt is very common in literary works, but not in words and expressions in specific fields such as technology and business.