Tianjin unsealing time forecast table in 2022: Has Tianjin unsealed?Attached is the latest time notice for unsealing

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Tianjin was one of several provinces and cities in China that reported new local cases ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, leading to home quarantine in some areas.However, with the improvement of the local epidemic situation in Tianjin, what is the estimated time of tianjin unsealing in 2022?Has Tianjin been unsealed?The latest notification of Tianjin’s unsealing is as follows: 1. Tianjin’s Unsealing time in 2022 Is estimated to be around January 20, but the specific date is subject to the official notification.However, with the improvement of the epidemic situation in Tianjin, some areas were lifted from lockdown before the Spring Festival, but medium-high risk areas are still under closed management.At present, Wanfuyuan Building 7, Wanghailou Street, Hebei District, Tianjin and Shuyuan Building 5, Ningyuan Street are still high-risk areas, and there are 5 medium-risk areas.1. Conditions for the closure and control areas in Tianjin are as follows: 1. No new cases or asymptomatic infected persons have been reported in the area in the past 14 days;Second, the last close contact in the region tested negative for nucleic acid more than 14 days after the last exposure;Third, all personnel in the region completed a round of nucleic acid screening 2 days before the closure, and all were negative.2. Conditions for unlocking of Tianjin Prevention Zone All the sealing and controlling areas within the county (district) are unlocked and controlled.Ii. Has Tianjin been unsealed?Tianjin has not been fully unsealed yet, but some areas with no new cases have been unsealed.However, it should be noted that on February 7, Tianjin reported a new local confirmed case of COVID-19.On January 26, The Hexi District Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control issued the latest notice, clarifying the lifting of lockdown control on 3 doors of Building 11, Tianxiao Garden, Meijiang Street.Since then, hexi district all unsealed.Tianjin Jinnan District will adjust the scope of sealing control area, control area and prevention area from 0 o ‘clock on January 26.Among them, 25 buildings have been removed from lockdown control and 13 communities have been removed from control.At 8:00 am on January 22, zhuhuali Community, Huayuan Street, Nankai District, 1,108 households lifted lockdown control and resumed normal life.As of 18 o ‘clock on January 23, Shengtai Park in Wangwenzhuang Town and Longjin Park in Dasi Town will be released from lockdown control management, while the lockdown control area, control area and prevention area in Wangwenzhuang Town and personnel and traffic control restrictions in Longjin Park in Dasi Town will be lifted.At 5:30 am on January 24, haiwangyuan District, Teda Street, Tianjin Binhai New Area lifted lockdown control and management, and people’s life returned to normal in an orderly manner.In general, tianjin 2022 will be fully unsealed around January 20, but the details are subject to official notices and arrangements.It should be noted that Tianjin has not yet been fully unsealed, but some areas have been sealed and managed.