You need Steph around to win?Can Durant win again with No. 30 Curry?

2022-05-24 0 By

The Nets pulled off a blockbuster trade at the trade deadline, trading Harden for Simmons, Steph Curry and Draymond.As for the Nets, the trade has implications, and while Simmons is an All-Star and could join Durant and Irving in the big Three, it’s still dwarfish compared to the previous big three.However, as long as Durant stays healthy and Kyrie Irving and Simmons play regularly, the Nets are still competitive and in the running for the title.Of course, if Durant stays injured and Irving and Simmons sit out for their own reasons, the Nets don’t have much hope.It’s worth noting that Curry came to the Nets in the deal and changed his number to 30, the same as his brother.That said, we’ll see Curry 30 next to Durant again.Although Curry and Curry, there is still a big gap, but still has the strength, is a qualified starter, can bring certain help to the Nets.Durant played with Curry for three years, making the playoffs three years in a row, winning two straight championships and two CONSECUTIVE NBA MVPS.Before joining forces with Curry, Durant had also led teams to the Finals but not to a championship.In the 2016 Western Conference Finals, Durant was expected to beat Curry and make it to the Finals, but Curry led a 3-1 victory, and Durant took the hardest route, joining the Warriors and winning the championship as he wished.Even though Durant won two championships with the Warriors, many people questioned the value of his championships because he rode the Warriors’ train to win a championship, and he didn’t win one without Curry.Indeed, durant has not been able to reach the Finals or win a championship in 3 seasons since he left Curry, of course, this is also due to injuries.Last season, Durant, along with Irving and Harden, struggled in the playoffs before succumbing to injuries.The Nets have also struggled this season, with Kyrie Irving playing on the road, James Harden leaving, Kevin Durant suffering an injury and an 11-game losing streak.Therefore, the Nets can win this season is not easy to say.But even if the Nets win this season, Durant can’t shake off the joke that he can’t win a title without Curry, because he has a No. 30 Curry next to him.