Supervision of pre-sale funds meets national requirements/RMB loans increased by 3.98 trillion yuan in January

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1. Zhengshang Group, Poly Development and Sunac China ranked the top three in the list of full-cover sales amount.February 10 news, the national commercial housing pre-sale funds supervision and management measures have been formulated recently.On February 10, the People’s Bank of China released the financial statistics report for January 2022.>>>> last week’s opening data list on February 12, investment attraction beauty Yongruiyuan plus push, a total of about 20 houses, a total of about 2 sets of removal, removal rate of about 10%.Additional products for the project house 10# housing, the average transaction price of about 18500 yuan /㎡ (rough).>>>> Last week land auction data list On February 9, Zhengzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau successfully transferred zheng Zheng Out (2021) 81 (network) state-owned construction land use right.The land parcel is located in the north of Yangchun Road and the west of Wenhua Road. The land use area is 56,601.71 square meters. The land use is for entertainment.>>>> Ji-Zheng High-speed Railway Pu-Zheng section joint adjustment trial On February 8, the ji-Zheng high-speed railway Pu-yang to Zhengzhou section joint adjustment trial officially started, which means that henan “mi” high-speed railway has entered the countdown.Ji-zheng high-speed railway is a regional connection line of the “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway network in the national medium and long term railway network planning (2016-2030). The main line length is 197.28km, and the design speed is 350km/h.There are altogether 7 stations on the whole line of pu-Zheng section, among which Zhengzhou East Station is the existing station, Xinxiang East Station is the existing line modified (expanded), puyang East Station, Neihuang Station, Zijun Station (tentative name), Weihui South Station and Yuanyang Station (tentative name) are the new stations.At present, the henan province Xu Lan, beijing-guangzhou, zheng, Zheng Fu, zheng high iron have been opened and dhi zheng high-speed PuZheng plan fully operational the first half of this year, “m” glyph high-speed rail at the end of a “point” will soon put pen to paper, to perfect the national road network structure, national center of zhengzhou city and national integrated transport hub status, help henan more tricks is of great significance.>>>> Zhengzhou second-hand housing transaction can palm do zhengzhou second-hand housing business can palm do!On February 10, a reporter learned that “Zheng Haofan” APP is the latest online “stock housing transaction one thing”, online can complete the second-hand housing transaction a number of businesses and links of joint office, realize the second-hand housing business at any time, anywhere to do, zero legwork, handheld office.It is understood that before the offline real estate transfer registration business, it is necessary to go to the property rights Transaction Management center of the Housing Authority for net signing for filing, the tax bureau to complete the tax payment, the real estate center to complete the house transfer registration, and then to the bank to complete the mortgage registration.Window application requires submitting id card, household register, purchase invoice, deed tax payment voucher, real estate ownership certificate and other more than 20 materials.Various departments have many duplicate materials and complicated procedures. It sometimes happens that they go back and forth to the office hall and loan bank for many times. It takes about a month to complete the whole transaction process.At the same time the second-hand housing intermediary good and bad, some services are not very standard, interest driven occasionally induced, misleading buyers and sellers, there is a certain degree of risk of buying and selling.> > > > zhengzhou a 32 “hardcore” measures to help small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) on February 12th, a reporter from the ministry’s bureau of zhengzhou city, to seriously implement The General Office of the State Council on further strengthening sme bail-out to assist the notice and the general office of the people’s government concerning the small and medium-sized enterprises in henan province to bail out support policies and measures of notice,To speed up the implementation of various measures to aid enterprises and boost the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhengzhou. In combination with the actual situation of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou formulated the Implementation Opinions of General Office of Zhengzhou People’s Government on Further Strengthening the Rescue and Assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, which will be issued and implemented as of today.It is understood that the implementation of the opinions from the increase of fiscal and tax support, strengthen financial services, increase the reduction of cost and burden, strengthen human resources security, strengthen the main body cultivation, help small and medium-sized enterprises to expand market demand, guarantee small and medium-sized enterprises payment, further promote small and medium-sized enterprises and other eight aspects,It has put forward 32 policy measures, including arranging bailout funds for small and medium-sized enterprises, expanding the scale of financing guarantee business for small and micro enterprises, implementing policies to stabilize employment and expand employment, and reducing the cost of digital transformation.>>>> In January 2022, the full-caliber commercial housing sales list of big Zhengzhou real estate enterprises was officially released. Zhengshang Group (about 685 million yuan), Poly Development (about 647 million yuan), sunac China (about 489 million yuan) won the top three full-caliber sales amount list.Zhengshang Group (about 57,100 square meters), Sunac China (about 51,600 square meters) and Poly Development (about 37,300 square meters) took the top three places in the sales area list.Meanwhile, Zhengshang Group (about 685 million yuan), Cambridge Group (about 345 million yuan) and Yongwei Real Estate (about 226 million yuan) took the top three places in the list of local real estate full-cover sales amount.Zhengshang Group (about 57,100 square meters), Cambridge Group (about 29,200 square meters) and Jianye Group (about 18,600 square meters) took the top three places in the local real estate sales area list.>>>> in 2022, Henan will build 200 public kindergartens, medical care, pension and other benefits are available on February 10, henan provincial government information Office held the first press conference on the theme of “practical benefit the people, get together and strive for excellence”, the focus of the 2022 provincial people’s livelihood in detail, will actively carry out the transformation of old urban residential areas,370,000 households were renovated.We will implement the project to expand preschool education for all, build 200 public kindergartens, renovate or expand 300 public kindergartens, and add 90,000 public degrees. Every street will have one comprehensive facility for the elderly with at least 50 beds for the elderly.Each community has 1 place for elderly care service;No less than 10,000 disabled or semi-disabled elderly families with financial difficulties will be transformed to adapt to aging;More than 10 million senior citizens will be connected to the Internet through smart old-age service platforms.>>>> Pre-sale funds supervision to meet the national uniform provisions on February 10 news, the national commercial housing pre-sale funds supervision and management measures have been formulated in recent days.It is understood that the management method is clear, pre-sale funds for the supervision of the “key amount of supervision.”The amount of funds required for the completion of the project can be verified by the urban and rural construction departments at the city and county level according to the project cost contract, etc. When the amount of funds in the account reaches the regulatory amount, the funds exceeding the amount can be withdrawn and used freely by the housing enterprise.People familiar with the matter pointed out that the new capital regulation measures to ensure the flexibility of commercial housing pre-sale funds, on the premise of ensuring project delivery, improve the flexibility of commercial housing pre-sale funds, will become a catalyst for the improvement of industry fundamentals and investor confidence.For the previous part of the local presale capital management in the implementation process of too strict practice, will also have a certain correction effect.>>>> Central Bank, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Affordable rental housing loans not included in the real estate loan concentration management According to the People’s Bank of China news on February 8, the People’s Bank of China, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a notice on affordable rental housing loans not included in the real estate loan concentration management.It points out that, as of the date of the issuance of this circular, the relevant loans granted by banking financial institutions to affordable rental housing projects with written confirmation of affordable rental housing projects will not be included in the real estate loan concentration management;Banking financial institutions should step up support for low-income rental housing and provide financial products and services in accordance with the principles of legal compliance, controllable risks and sustainable business.>>>> Central Bank: RMB loans increased 3.98 trillion in January On February 10, the People’s Bank of China released the Financial statistics report for January 2022.At the end of January, the balance of broad money (M2) was 243.1 trillion yuan, up 9.8 percent year on year, 0.8 percentage points higher than at the end of last month and 0.4 percentage points higher than at the same period of last year.The balance of narrow money (M1) was 61.39 trillion yuan, down 1.9% year on year. Excluding the influence of the incorrect timing of the Spring Festival, M1 grew by about 2% year on year.The balance of money in circulation (M0) was 10.62 trillion yuan, up 18.5% year on year.Net cash issuance for the month was 1.54 trillion yuan.In terms of loans, at the end of January, outstanding loans in domestic and foreign currencies amounted to 202.59 trillion yuan, up 11.2 percent year on year.Outstanding RMB loans at the end of the month were 196.65 trillion yuan, up 11.5% year on year, 0.1 percentage points lower than the end of last month and 1.2 percentage points lower than the same period last year.Yuan-denominated loans rose 3.98 trillion yuan in January, the highest in a single month and 394.4 billion yuan more than a year earlier.By sector, household loans increased by 843 billion yuan.>>>> The Ministry of Finance plans to issue 70 billion yuan of 10-year Treasury bonds on February 9, the Ministry of Finance announced that in order to raise financial funds to support the development of national economy and social undertakings, the Ministry of Finance decided to issue the 2022 book-keeping interest-bearing (3-phase) Treasury bonds (10-year), with a total face value of 70 billion yuan in competitive bidding.All rights reserved, reproduced please indicate the source