“Glove MAO” Inke Medical took part in the establishment of a partnership of 16 billion DOLLARS and 6 billion yuan

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Inke Medical (300677.SZ), which specializes in medical gloves, recently participated in the establishment of an investment partnership, attracting attention because the two partnerships have a total investment target of 16 billion dollars and 6 billion yuan, respectively.On the evening of February 11, Inke Medical announced that in order to further optimize the investment structure and enhance the value of investment, inke Medical (Singapore) Investment Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, intends to sign a Subscription Agreement with Warburg Pincus capital.Invested with its own capital in Warburg Pincus Global Growth 14, L.P. (the “partnership”).It is reported that inke Singapore will contribute $100 million as a limited partner (LP) to the partnership, which is targeting a total subscription of $16 billion.According to the disclosure, the partnership invests in growth capital, early-stage growth platforms, corporate acquisitions and recapitalization investments in business services, financial services, healthcare, industrials, technology, real estate and energy.Inke medical said that this investment partnership can combine the experience and resources of the partnership in global business services, healthcare, industry, technology and other industries to enable the company to carry out strategic mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad in the future, expand the company’s investment channels, and obtain investment returns.And just a few days ago on February 7, Yingke medical also to “optimize the investment structure, enhance the value of investment” announced the reason, plans to sign a partnership agreement with Jiangsu Boshang Private Equity Fund Management Co., LTD., with its own funds to invest in Wuxi Shangxian Lake Boshang Investment Partnership (limited partnership).It is reported that Shangxianhu Boshang’s target subscribed capital of 6 billion yuan, Yingke Medical as the partnership limited partner (LP) subscribed capital of 300 million yuan.According to the disclosure, Shangxianhu Boshang will focus on investment in the new generation of information technology, advanced manufacturing, medical and health, consumer technology and other scientific and technological innovation areas of the target companies and asset portfolio.Yingke Medical said that the investment in Shangxianhu Boshang can combine the professional advantages of bohua Capital, the fund manager, in the fields of medical protection, rehabilitation and nursing products, expand the company’s investment channels, and obtain long-term investment returns.In addition, the company will also actively pay attention to the potential business cooperation opportunities in the above areas, and strive to maximize synergies.Shandong Finance and Economics reported that because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Yingke Medical, The largest supplier of disposable gloves in China, ushered in the “moment of high light” in 2020, with its share price rising from around 17 yuan in January 2020 to 299.99 yuan per share in January 2021. In 2020, it achieved a net profit of 7 billion yuan with a revenue of 13.8 billion yuan.It was once called “glove grass” in the market.However, the stock price of Inke Medical has been falling since last year and is still hovering around 50 yuan per share.In terms of performance, Inke Medical is still excellent, with a revenue of 13.6 billion yuan and a net profit of 6.9 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2021.Liu Fangyi, as the actual controller, also made a commitment in January this year that before June 30, 2023, he would not reduce any shares held by Inke Medical by means of centralized bidding, bulk transaction and agreement transfer (including the shares increased during the commitment period due to inke medical shares, capital reserves to increase the share capital and other reasons).The actual controller is willing to lock up the shares. The company has good performance and successively made investment to enhance its own value. The future stock price trend of Inke Medical is also worth investors’ further attention.Text edit | goods | mountain king loving you copyright | shandong finance report