Failed to defend the title!Higgins is out of the last four after losing 4-6 to Robertson.

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On February 11, 2022, 21-22 players snooker championship season last group quarter-final has ended, the defending champion higgins in the case of opening 2-0 up, match points obtained in 5-4 cases were among the profession of Hawkins, even after two complete reversal, with the end of the game, the players championship last four seats all,Beat the Chinese twin star Barry – Hawkins to meet with the “mammoth” said the Rich – Wharton and true or false radish war!It should come as no surprise that Hawkins and Robertson will meet again in the final, having previously met in the final of this season’s Masters, with Robertson beating his opponent 10-4 to win the title.The opening stage of the match was exactly the same as yesterday, higgins, who was obviously better in attack and defence, easily got 2-0 opening through two shots of 50+, and Robertson pulled back with a Lucky shot in the third game, which was exactly the same as Hawkins’ Lucky Ball yesterday!Finding his game, Robertson gradually adapted to the pace of the Wizards’ game, catching his opponent’s loose ball in the fourth game of defense and scoring 57 points to level the score at 2-2.The beginning of the second half feel Higgins energy slide serious, athletic condition with the first half of two people, offensive end good at the center of the Taiwan frequently inaccurate, repeatedly leakage to the opponent direct attack opportunities!Robertson smiles at the gift, single shot 59 +102 +57 points, the first match point!Higgins saved a match point with an 80-plus shot in the ninth game, but failed to stage a comeback with a crucial clearance in the 10th game as Robertson stunned the defending champion 6-4 to advance to the semi-finals.Single board game details, higgins: before 72 (52) – 42,65, 58 (65) – 1-65 (58), 6-63 (57), 1-78 (59), 72 (68) – 0, 4-102 (102), 17-64 (57), 97 (80) – 0,84-47 the semi-finals (6 out of 11 sets) notice:With Higgins out of the game, there’s only Neil Robertson left in the 75 and 80. Which of the remaining three has the best chance of stopping the Radish from winning their third single season title?A: Hawkins, B: Rich Walton, C: Jimmy Robertson, please leave your comments