Night reading | precious group photo

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Jinling Temple fire rescue station every time the police back, there is a fixed “subject” – group photo.Whether a smoke, or a face of charcoal ash, whether a wet, or tired, after the fire truck into the hospital to stop, the stationmaster will gather the firefighters, at the gate to take a photo.More than two decades later, photographs of the group covered one wall.Firefighters came and went, like, two dozen times.Although some of the faces are strange, but in the same team, across time and space to do the same job, the heart has the same honor.This morning more than five o ‘clock, a resident up to cook, the gas stove just opened, ignited the kitchen gas leakage.The fire engulfed the kitchen in an instant.The firemen were still at rest when the fire broke out.After receiving the alarm, the group ran to the fire engine and rushed to the scene of the fire.Less than 15 minutes after arriving, the fire was extinguished by firefighters in the family’s home.The day of the call was in the depths of winter.The water sprayed from the fire engine onto the firefighters, on their bodies, their heads, their boots, and instantly froze.The flames went out and they took off their masks and breathed so hard that their eyebrows were covered with frost like ice men.After checking for fire hazards and cleaning up the fire, the firefighters began to board their trucks and return to their units. The fire trucks were on their way to collect the fire, and the winter sun finally crept slowly up from the east side of the city.When the firemen arrived at the camp, the station master immediately called everyone to assemble at the gate.A score of firemen lined up in neat rows and the squadron leader gave the count.The sounds of youth burst out clearly and powerfully.I see not a few.Stationmaster heart stable down, his peacetime happiest is this moment.Next came the photo taking, and the clerk who took the photo was very serious.He shifted his position back and forth twice, not entirely happy with the lens.An old fireman shouted, “It’s too cold. Can you hurry up?”The clerk explained: “I want to put all those big words on the roof into the lens.”With that, he took two steps back.At this moment, another fireman said, “We’re all wearing fireproof suits and we can’t see our faces. Just leave a souvenir. Don’t make such a solemn gesture.”The clerk replied with a volley of “yes.”Finally, the clerk found a position, his lens, fireproof suit lined the boys exceptionally tall and straight, the clerk slightly squat down, the camera aimed at the team, the clerk shouted “one two three”, the team came out loud “people together”.After taking the picture, a voice called out, “Please wait!”A middle-aged man stopped the firemen as they were about to leave. The middle-aged man was not at a loss, but stopped.The stationmaster walked up to the middle-aged man and asked, “What can I do for you?”The middle-aged man hesitated and said nervously, “I’d like to take a picture with you.”Afraid that the station master might not hear him clearly, or as if afraid of the station master’s refusal, the middle-aged man cried out urgently: “My son is also a fireman. I haven’t seen him for two years, and I have never taken a picture with him in a firefighting uniform. I hope you can fulfill my wish.”Silently, the firemen gathered their ranks again. The station master asked the middle-aged man to stand in the middle of the ranks, surrounded by a group of young firemen.In that moment, he felt together with his son again.China Emergency Management News New Media Center editor: Meng Dexuan