It is hard to take back water

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After P was promoted to be the group leader, he suddenly felt that his wife Xiaolan looked more and more disagreeable to his eyes. Later, he finally divorced Xiaolan.P thought: with his status and appearance, it is not a word to find a young, gentle and beautiful girl than Xiao LAN.Can flash past two years, he is still poplar peeling – a single.He could not eat well during the day or sleep well at night. He often blinked and asked himself, “What’s the difference?The somebody else didn’t divorce to have 3 4 beautiful woman turn around side, our side also quite good ah, zha can’t remarry?No, I must think of something.”The next day A P just rest, breakfast also did not eat ran to the neighbor Wei Elder brother there, beg him to use a computer to calculate fortune for himself.The elder brother of the kingdom of Wei is not satisfied with the hasty divorce of A P, had advised him at the beginning, but he also did not listen to go in, now see him beg come, decided to teach him a lesson.Wei Ge pretended to be in front of the computer “di di da da” a busy, only listen to “squeaks” a ring, the printer came out of a piece of paper.P quickly took it over and saw what was written on it: “Leave Nanjing and head west. Three or five people listen carefully and send seven tomatoes. A happy marriage is sure to be achieved.”P do not understand what these four words mean, Wei Ge also silent, just a strong call him to think about his own heart.P scratching head pondering a while — xi xi, this is not quite clear of, here is Nanjing street, go west is jinsha Bay community, there is the municipal party leadership and literary and artistic workers of the residential area, ha ha, my new wife ten have there.Good wow, Wei Ge let me send out seven tomatoes, crisp to buy it a basket!P o merrily carrying a basket of tomatoes, just go to jin sha wan, they found a group of people to talk about something in residential block, walked over and carefully inquire, just know a few days ago, jin sha wan residential a lady will more than forty years old, the paralysis of lower limbs found her husband tried to cut his wrists from the fifth floor window threw down seven tomatoes, finally draw a nice young man,Ran upstairs and helped her stop her husband.P make clear seven tomatoes is so back to the original thing, angry nose are crooked.P was exhausted, the basket of tomatoes in his hand felt like a drag, so he put it down and sat down on the edge of the road to rest.Not long time, see a woman come over, pleasantly surprised to ask 1: “how big the tomato ah, excuse me, where did you buy it?”Ah P looked up and was surprised to find that the interviewer was a young girl with thin eyebrows and big eyes. Her voice sounded like Xiao LAN’s, but she was much younger and prettier than Xiao LAN.Does the computer of wei Elder brother tell fortune true god?Anyway, I can’t let this opportunity pass.Thinking of this, P hurriedly stood up with a smile on his face and said: “Girl, do you like to eat tomatoes?You can have everything in my basket, because I’m so worried about where to go. It’s a pity I threw it away.”The girl listened for a moment and looked at P in surprise. Then she smiled and said, “Ok, thank you in advance.It’s just — it’s too heavy. Could you take it home for me? I live in that building.”Aunt request to P is really welcome, he quickly picked up the basket, with the girl walked toward her home.Along the way, P o think girls not only voice audio-visual xiaolan, even walking posture is particularly like xiao LAN, is close to the somewhat, so he gave himself and family are said to come out the truth, especially when it comes to how he was divorced from clothes is broken sewing, how hungry yourself when cooking the poor, straight girl drew blast a lament for him, too.After a while, they arrived at the bottom of the building where the girl lived. The girl said tenderly, “Take a rest for a while. You look like you are sweating like rain.A P a listen to, this is not the best opportunity to get good impression of the girl?So without saying a word, step by step a bow, just follow the girl climbed up the ninth floor.When the girl opened the door, P felt a flash of light in front of his eyes. The room was bright and clean, and the furniture was bright and shining. Alas, a house with a woman was different.P is thinking of god, the girl invited him into the door, and soon from the kitchen out of a small plate of pancakes and a big bowl of bean curd brain.Wow, this is P’s favorite breakfast, xiaolan used to cook these things for P every three or four times.P watched the girl put bean curd on the table, suddenly loudly called up: “you……Are you Xiao LAN?”Who knew the girl really nodded and said: “yes, I am the small orchid that you kicked out of the door, you should have recognized it!””What?”P was simply surprised to gape, “but xiao LAN’s dress has you so high-grade, so fashionable ah?Xiao LAN’s face is not so rosy and beautiful as yours.”Hearing P’s question, the girl’s face completely changed color and said, “You have raised a good question. Before, when I was married to you, I went to work and did housework.For you to eat well and wear well, I do not dare to speak fashionable.Now I am well fed and clothed and in a good mood, and if I were beautiful again, you would never know me.”P reaction is also quick enough, quickly humbly beg to say: “Xiao LAN, I was wrong, you forgive me, we remarry!””Remarried?”Xiao LAN sighed and said, “As soon as you were promoted to be the team leader, you fell in love with new people and turned your back on them. If you do something, won’t you have to kick me out again?You are so thin now. I didn’t recognize you at first, but I didn’t recognize you until you spoke.I let you come to my house as an opportunity to talk to you again. You must learn from your past and live your life well.I can’t take these tomatoes for free. You have to take the money.My husband will be back in a few minutes. Would you like to see him?””No, no!P was so anxious that he waved his hand again and again. He already knew that it was hard to stop splashing water. What face could he have to see Mr. LAN again?He walked down the stairs with tired legs and said goodbye to Xiao LAN.On the way home, P thought as she walked. Suddenly, she patted her head and realized that a good daughter-in-law does not feel you when she is by your side. Only when she is gone will she know how beautiful, gentle and lovely she is.Although I P can’t and xiaolan remarry, but I can realize this profound truth now, is not also a great harvest?Thinking of this, P suddenly excited, even in the street loudly sing: “you sit in the bow, brother I walk on the shore, nine floor back tomatoes ah, heart leisurely……”# Headlines ## Stories ## Headlines # daily signings #