French fine jewelry family Bochelon launched wedding jewelry series, using Sarine diamond certificate

2022-05-23 0 By

Sarine Diamond Technology Group, listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange and tel Aviv Exchange, announced that The French fine jewelry family Bossillon, a subsidiary of Kering Group, has reached a cooperation with Sarine on its newly launched wedding jewelry series.A bossillon diamond certificate “Powered by Sarine” is issued for this jewelry series.The diamond of the joint certificate contains detailed information, by tracking the natural diamonds from its blank form eventually finished the whole process of gems through a series of transformation, recorded the source and treasure dragon poems selected diamond under the ecological system of supply chain process, and present a real visual presentation of the final finished the process and diamond form;Detailed diamond 4C grading data obtained using industry-leading Sarine artificial intelligence (AI) technology is also presented.The diamond certificate is available only in digital form and further reflects Bossilon’s commitment to the sustainable development of the jewellery industry.Moreover, the certificate is carefully designed in bossilon’s digital and visual language to strengthen the link between the physical diamond and the digital presentation.