What about the world’s most venomous snail in a fish tank?British man a practice, let him avoid a bullet

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Wesley Trevers found a snail in his fish tank, the Sun reported.He thought about it carefully and asked his son, but he didn’t put snails in it, and the shrimp he put in at last was gone.He did not immediately start to fish, but took a photo to the Marine life forum to check, the result was shocked into a cold sweat, the seemingly ordinary snail turned out to be one of the world’s ten most poisonous animals.This snail alias conical snail, also called taro snail, chicken snail, mainly live in the tropical sea, warm sea area.Don’t be charming appearance confused this snail belongs to the “never cry, once a surprise” type of animal, when you quietly enjoy it, it is a beautiful snail, when it releases poison needle, it is a deadly weapon, do not look down on this one needle, a poison needle will be enough to kill more than ten adults.There are many similar examples in nature, like beautiful mushrooms, and when you don’t recognize them in time, or when you’re not paying attention, you can pick poisonous poisonous mushrooms.Take datura for example. In many TV dramas, datura is often used as a kind of pollen with unique functions, using its flowers to make medicine.Datura, also known as ecstasy, is native to Mexico and produces trumpet-shaped flowers, but the whole plant is poisonous, with the seeds being the most toxic.For example, bluebells, sweet smell, looks like a bell, but the whole plant is toxic, and we daily plant more dripping guanyin, also contains toxicity, especially its juice, toxic, can be planted but not touch especially juice.We will come into contact with some flowers in our daily life, and we will also learn about their characteristics when planting, but we need to be cautious when meeting those we have not seen before.Novelty to be cautious there is such a thing, an old granny, to pick up his grandson from school, walking, saw the road there is a row of wahaha, no opening, the old granny saw, feel how others can so waste things?So the grandmother picked up the wahaha for his grandson to drink, grandson drank a few, immediately poisoning fainted.Grandma hurried to call the child’s parents, the child to the hospital, because of the poisoning for a long time, no rescue.A fresh life disappeared from the world, the child has not had time to see the wonderful world, the flower of life just blossomed, then fell, this is how big a blow for a family.British man Wesley Trevers saved his life when he discovered something strange in a fish tank by using the Internet to ask where the creature came from, rather than fishing it out.We don’t know everything about the world, but we’re lucky to live in the 21st century with the Internet.When we are faced with the unknown, we may find the answer to the question from the Internet, but there are many things in the world that have not been explored, and we may know nothing about them.Therefore, when we find super strange phenomena, we need to use the Internet to seek help from others. We also need to observe the things around us in time and pay attention to the things around us.Develop the habit of observing things. If the English man did not notice anything unusual, not only would the fish in the tank be lost, but he and his son would be in great danger.Therefore, we need to pay attention to the things around us, pay attention to observation, and develop a good habit of observation, because sometimes we may be aware of the abnormality before we are likely to take the next action.It is also because the man found abnormal, a few days ago put in the shrimp does not exist, but also more than a snail, to make him go to the network to seek help, it is because of this move so just saved himself, otherwise the consequences can not be imagined.There is no small matter in life. A few years ago, I remember an accident happened in express delivery, which was the poison express incident.At that time, a company sent a chemical sample of methyl fluoroacetate to another place by express delivery. Because the sender did not specify the nature of the chemical sample, and the express company did not check it carefully, the sample was put together with a pair of shoes.On the way, chemical samples were leaked, and the recipient did not know about it. Only a strange smell came out. Several hours later, he developed symptoms such as vomiting and abdominal pain.When several couriers on the way to deliver the express appeared poisoning phenomenon, the express company did not pay attention to step by step to the hands of the recipient.Among them, the supervision of the express company is not in place, and the responsibility of not paying attention to some wrong phenomena is detected, as well as the responsibility of the senders not informing the express company of the nature of the chemical samples.Both sides can not shirk the responsibility, pity those victims because these should have paid attention to the matter did not attract the corresponding attention, but later the Postal Administration also increased the inspection of this aspect.If at that time the logistics company and the British men pay as much attention to careful inspection, there would not be such a thing, so life is no small thing, everything must pay attention to, always need to pay attention to, because we do not know tomorrow and accident which will arrive first.Conclusion: A person’s power is weak, when we face the unknown, we need the help of others, we need to use certain tools, but we also need to restrain ourselves, do not be greedy for petty advantages.Because the small bargain may finally buy back is a big loss, the world is big, strange, perhaps, we like su Shi in the poem wrote that “send mayfly in heaven and earth, one of the millet in the sea” it.We are as small as a grain of rice in the sea of all things in the world, but even though we are small, we should love our life and pay attention to the good things in our life.