Every 16 points by the Ministry of Commerce: last year, the service trade deficit dropped 69.5 percent, the lowest in 10 years;Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, reported five new local confirmed cases today

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1. Ministry of Commerce: The trade deficit in services decreased by 69.5% last year, hitting the lowest level in ten years. On January 30, AI News, the head of the Department of Trade in Services of the Ministry of Commerce introduced the development of trade in services in 2021.In 2021, China’s trade in services continued to grow rapidly, with total imports and exports of services reaching 5.298.27 billion yuan, up 16.1% year on year.Of this amount, service exports reached 2,543.5 trillion yuan, up 31.4%;Imports totaled 2.75477 trillion yuan, up 4.8%.The growth rate of service exports was 26.6 percentage points higher than that of imports, driving the deficit in service trade to drop 69.5 percent to 211.28 billion yuan, down 481.65 billion yuan year-on-year, the lowest since 2011.(Website of Ministry of Commerce) 2. People’s Bank of China: At the end of 2021, the balance of various RMB loans of financial institutions was 192.69 trillion yuan, up 11.6% year on year. According to the statistics of the People’s Bank of China, at the end of 2021, the balance of various RMB loans of financial institutions was 192.69 trillion yuan, up 11.6% year on year.RMB loans increased by 19.95 trillion yuan, 315 billion yuan more than last year.According to AI news, five new local confirmed cases were reported in Hangzhou from 0 to 13:00 on March 30.A total of 64 confirmed cases have been reported so far.(CCTV News) 4. The epidemic in Fuyang, Hangzhou came from wedding banquets and taking children to bathe in maternal and child centers. Every AI news, from the press conference on epidemic prevention and control held in Hangzhou this afternoon, we learned that the spread of the epidemic in Fuyang has three characteristics: first, fast transmission speed;The second is from attending the wedding banquet or taking children to the maternal and child center for bathing. Among the 13 cases, 4 cases were from the wedding banquet and 8 cases were from the maternal and child center.Third, the transmission chain is clear.In addition to the above reasons, the remaining 1 case was infected when the patient visited her family.(CCTV) Statement: The content and data in this article are for reference only, do not constitute investment advice, check before use.Operate accordingly at your own risk.Daily Business News