Dilemma!Mourinho wants the French midfielder for the fourth time, and his salary of 5 million euros frightens Pinto

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Roma seem to have run out of luck after beating Barcelona to reach the last four of the Champions League and have been in a slump in recent years, dropping to seventh in the league table last season, relegating them to the uefa champions League.In a bid to restore the club to its former glory, the club’s directors splashed out on jose mourinho and spent nearly 100 million euros on the summer signings of Abraham and Shomolodov.Mourinho thought it would be easy for roma to finish in the top four in the less competitive serie A, but ronaldo’s three years at Juventus have seen the team improve under the influence of the Portuguese superstar.Gone are the days when the bianconeri were alone, and serie A is back in full bloom.Milan, Juventus, Napoli, lazio, Atalanta, Fiorentina and roma are all contenders for the top four, but in terms of squad strength, roma do not have the advantage and it is difficult for Mourinho to lead his team to the top four.One of roma’s main problems is that they do not have a central midfield to match mourinho’s tactics, so they have problems connecting the two ends of the pitch.League before 23 home-country crowd, roma in table 6, from the fourth Atlanta have 5 points, four points behind Juventus have, say for four situation is not optimistic, mourinho wants to lead the roma for the rest of the 15 rounds of achieve victory in the league, so have to have a good defensive midfielder, but winter is undoubtedly the best reinforcing opportunity window,Marseille midfield playmaker Camara is the madman’s first choice.Camara is only 22 years old, but has already established himself as marseille’s main defender, impressing Mourinho with his defensive skills and it is no exaggeration to say that roma’s chances of a top-four finish this season will be improved if they can land him.Camara is set to leave Marseille, but the giallorossi are unlikely to find it easy to land the French midfielder, who is demanding a salary of 5 million euros a year.With camara’s ability and potential, the annual salary of 5 million euros for European club team is worth the investment, but roma’s financial resources are limited, even if has the ability to withstand camara salary request, general manager of pinto estimation also dare not easily promised, otherwise once the team’s salary structure is upset, locker room will become volatile, this is not conducive to the development of the team,This has happened to many European clubs.Mourinho also very clear at present this kind of situation, so did not give pinto too much pressure, but still reveal the longing for winter window introduce camara, can see pinto through hard negotiations, successfully camara salary request to below 4 million euros, believe that this is difficult, after all the favour of camara is not a lack of buyers,The only hope is to see if Camara falls under mourinho’s spell.