It was snowing. I just wanted to stay home in my pajamas

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On a wonderful weekend, you look out the window at the snow and ice outside and feel glad: finally, you don’t have to go out with iron head any more.In the face of such freedom and joy, I really do not want to step out of the house;While the only physical distance you can dream of is as close to your bed as possible, sleeping on your back, eating on your back, checking your phone on your back (and reading this tweet) might feel a little bit worse.How about we have a slumber party in place?Unload the insecurity, put on comfortable pajamas, and three or two friends “bedside disco,” sleep crooked also go.You don’t have to buy a bunch of disposable decorations to decorate your room. The key to saving time and effort is to have plenty of food and wine, an appropriate song list, and a Dress code with your sister.Since it is a party, no matter what the dress code is, the choice of pajamas should not only be comfortable, but also be able to bear the delicate and appropriate group photo at any time.But if you’re wondering what to do with crumpled cartoon T-shirts and elastically washed leggings when you open your closet, you might as well read on for some beautiful party inspiration.As a cool urban woman, she tries to wear a satchel while commuting, and never wears pajamas at night.And to say which kind of fabric material is the most consistent with the tonality of “elder sister shark I”, must be pure silk undoubtedly.The polished satin is like a second layer of skin, for their 100 percent exquisite, hook silk?It doesn’t exist.ASCENO is one of those brands that makes winning easy.Simple and clear cutting, pure natural fabrics, accurate grasp of the “advanced” two words.The previous windy pajama shirt was also clearly played by them, the border between “pajama” and “shirt” is appropriately ambiguous.Even the ordinary stripes also made a sense of refinement.Even if you walk down the street in pajamas, it’s still fashionable with good manners.Italian label Luna di Seta, on the other hand, has a more mature and feminine look, thanks to its generous use of prints and lace without being tacky.Their silk sling is also who wear who “really sweet”, especially in the party will be this carefree without constraint feeling, after all, lightsome can jump three feet high.There is also a fantastic atmosphere inspired by Venice in the series. As long as you get up in the morning and wrap yourself in such a short silk robe, then tie your belt casually, you can go downstairs and have a lazy Brunch.I usually wear basic styles and black, white and gray frames to meet deadlines every day, not to mention the heavy coat in winter is so overwhelming that I can’t stand the pressure.Throw away the rules of being a “social person”, let yourself dress unbridled, together in this party to find the children’s fun that has been put on hold is the king’s way.I have to say Morgan Lane knows a lot about teenage girls.Their looks are always bright and playful, dreamy and romantic, as if to say defiantly: I’m going to wear pink no matter how old I am.Dots, stripes, lace, when these seemingly everyday elements are integrated into the brand DNA, all become sweet decoration full of recognition.The label was founded by illustrator Morgan Curtis, who has a knack for floral art.Many of the patterns that seem to be pleasing to the eye from a distance only reveal the mystery when you look up close – broken flowers are not just broken flowers, but lovely things in the world.In addition, Morgan Lane accessories are also very easy to buy, especially the exquisitely embroidered eye mask, which makes you look like the princess herself when you fall asleep.Of course, if you don’t want to go sweetie, Sleepy Jones can go for it. It’s low-key but fun, with a festive feel to it.Although it is a basic plate, black and white color, but suddenly jumped out of a few bright yellow, plus stars and dots, immediately the temperament of the clothes become naughty.Delicate design is smaller and more opportunely however, look like the bright flowers that open all over the mountains and fields, just having the season of vigorous vitality, youth feeling pulls full.Don’t ask this year a “MAO MAO song” washed how many people’s brain, as long as you know in tonight’s party, might as well let the clothes also bring MAO MAO, absolute eyeball catch full beautiful appearance.Once concise design takes wool element again, can let visual instant surging.Proper “catch a horse” is a group photo killer, where you are at this time, where is the stage.Sleeper is a well-known heart hunter in the pajama industry, and has long won the hearts of stylish people.Even many star artists are loyal fans of their family, have put up different flavors of OOTD for reference.The comfortable fabric and fashionable shape make it suitable for any occasion, no matter it is home or go out to play, truly meet our desire to “go out in pajamas”.And!!!Sleeper’s wool slippers are cute, warm to the heart just looking at, and not too beautiful to put on.If you feel that the above pajamas are not enough to keep you warm, and if you can’t survive the rest of the night with nothing but good air, here’s a secret weapon: velvet.Their velvet pajamas are a great example of both warmth and grace, and they offer a sense of security that no one else can appreciate.Not to mention shimmering copper tones, party lights will be the most beautiful.The velvet gown, on the other hand, wraps the body tightly and can be worn on its own or over any thin nightgown, holding elegance in the cold without turning a hair.When you leave summer for too long, you start to miss the 30-degree heat wave cycle.If you want to dream a dream at a party, put some plants in your house, cut a big fruit bowl and pretend you’re walking through a rainforest.And to be fully involved, you must first put yourself on.You can’t go wrong with Desmond & Dempsey.In their designs, the prints are big and warm, and the bright vegetation blends with each other.Among them, there are also some stray birds and animals, which add a lot of vigor to the tropics. When the sun shines on the body, it is like a world is waking up.Their pyjamas are not all so lively. Perhaps a lovely palm tree embroidered on their front is enough to remind them of the summer wind rustling through the leaves.Tonight, whether you’re at a home party or alone at home, they’ll make sure you have a good dream.