The first RCEP certificate of origin from eastern Guangdong to New Zealand was issued in Raoping

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Raoping Customs recently issued the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) Certificate of origin for 22 tons of canned mackerel exported to New Zealand by Raoping Tengyue Food Co., LTD.This is also the first RCEP certificate of origin exported from eastern Guangdong to New Zealand since RCEP came into force.Mackerel, also known as mackerel, is rich in protein, DHA and EPA and has high nutritional value. It has become popular among diners at home and abroad in recent years.Many enterprises in Raoping seize this consumer demand, the deep sea umami locked in cans, continuously sold to foreign tables.”New Zealand has always been an important export market for our company.Since RCEP came into force, our products exported to New Zealand have more options to apply for certificate of origin, and can enjoy more convenience according to the specific situation of the products, saving ‘real money’.”Ms. Chen, customs officer of Raoping Tengyue Food Co., Ltd. said that under the guidance of the customs, the New Zealand RCEP certificate of origin applied by the company for the first time was issued smoothly, which will effectively enhance the competitiveness of the products in the New Zealand market.”In order to help enterprises make good use of RCEP policy preferences, we have held several ‘online + offline’ policy briefings to answer their questions about the range of product benefits they are interested in and the process of issuing certificates.”Raoping county comprehensive business dept customs section chief Chen Pengbin introduction, closed by guan qi contact group, business hall propaganda foreign push RCEP policies such as a variety of channels, in-depth business research, combing characteristic industry, key industries and raoping county flagship product, build a list of RCEP implementation of key enterprises, through the “one to one” support, “peer-to-peer” cultivating,Guide relevant enterprises to use adequate policies.Since this year, Raoping Customs has supported the export of special products such as nylon fishing nets and canned goods to RCEP member countries such as Japan and New Zealand, with a value of nearly 600,000 yuan.It will continue to increase the breadth and depth of RCEP policy publicity, help enterprises to take RCEP “east wind”, expand a broader market, and let more “Raoping made” sail to the sea.Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: