Suddenly sprain ankle after landing!The lakers are in trouble again

2022-05-20 0 By

The Los Angeles Lakers continue their NBA regular season tour today against the Utah Jazz.Even though the Lakers have had a more streamlined roster of late, with James, Anthony Davis and Westbrook all able to play, they just have a hard time putting it together and winning.Before facing Utah, the Lakers suffered another ugly losing streak.The Lakers had a chance to win today against Utah because they’ve been on a good run lately, losing by just two points to Golden State.But the Lakers still had a difficult game, not only a big deficit, but also a surprise.The game went into the third quarter, the Lakers are still behind, the Jazz’s Mitchell has scored more than 30 points.Brow broke his right ankle after landing on a jump in the second quarter.As a result, He was in great pain and could not continue the match.After leaving the court, He returned to the locker room for tests and was found to be negative, meaning there was nothing serious.But as a precaution, Bryant will not return for the game, and the lakers will have to fight without him.The Lakers were unlucky enough not to make a trade before the midseason trade deadline.There’s nothing the Lakers can do about westbrook, who just doesn’t fit in, because no one wants to take over.This game, the Lakers are likely to beat the Jazz, but they are more worried about the injury.Without their only reliable interior player, the Lakers may need to move James to center again, which is a very frustrating option.