Based!Shanxi a university to prepare for the establishment of a new campus, unexpectedly settled down in a “small county”?Covers an area of 1366 mu!

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No matter what stage of social development, we must pay attention to the trend of education industry. Only by allowing students to enjoy high-quality teaching resources can we achieve excellent development in the future.In view of the current situation, the state has given strong support and investment to the construction of colleges and universities, making many colleges and universities in many areas, ushered in new opportunities for development, including some colleges and universities in Shanxi, many people are not optimistic about the education industry in Shanxi, but the development potential is far beyond the imagination of the public.Shanxi Province college entrance examination number increasing year by year, has brought a lot of students a lot of pressure to learn, with the efforts of the local government, however, many colleges and universities are also in the expansion of the new campus in succession, the increasing scale of allowing more students to enjoy the high quality teaching resources, including shanxi vocational technical college campus has held the foundation stone laying ceremony, causing concern!Covers an area of 1366 acres, located in qingxu county in Shanxi Province, qing xu vocational education university town is known by many people, here has a lot of key university, and won the education department’s attention in recent years, its location is located in qingxu county town of xu gully, although the industry of the local economy is not very outstanding, but the future development has huge potential in the field of education.Shanxi Vocational and Technical College plans to build a new campus, and the site is located in Qingxu University City, covering an area of 1366 mu, of which the total construction area will reach 426,000 square meters, it is worth mentioning that the whole project will be led by qingxu County Party Committee and county government, the implementation of overall construction!At present, the foundation laying ceremony of the reform project has been successfully completed, marking the official start of the project construction. For local students, it is certainly a very good opportunity, which is worth firmly grasping. At the same time, It can also drive the further improvement and upgrading of the local education industry, creating favorable conditions!The size of the new campus is a hot issue for netizens. It is reported that the new campus will accommodate more than 20,000 teachers and students in the future, which will integrate 15 professional clusters, including 60 boutique majors, so it can be seen that the future planning of the new campus is very clear.For Qingxu County, the arrival of the new campus will be a new opportunity for development. It will not only promote the steady upgrading of the local education industry, but also drive the sustainable development of surrounding industries. In a word, it is of endless benefits.Want to know more exciting content, pay attention to Xiangyang talk education