Self-driving Changan Auchan X7PLUS, beautiful scenery you choose!

2022-05-19 0 By

I love car to changan auchan x7PLUS really amazing good-looking appearance, has a value of “guide”, the actress “, my car is called “interstellar dust” body color, look fashionable and easy, irregular house is a double double grating large stars before fill up the whole face, and on both sides of the split type LED headlight area together.The surface of the front grille looks particularly conspicuous. After the LED headlights are lit, there is a sense of science and technology. It is equipped with automatic opening of headlights, height adjustment of headlights, delay closing and other scientific and technological functions.The standard parking radar 360 panoramic image makes our travel more intelligent and safe.No matter in any state is absolutely eye-catching, the body is simple and generous modeling, fashion dynamic, the vehicle adopts the family dynamic design language, very high-end style.From the above points can be seen, Changan Auchan X7PLUS whether appearance, comfort, practicality can be called the best choice, its comprehensive strength is absolutely ahead of the same level of models.