I’ll tell you in five minutes what the novel City of Letters is about

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On my reading list, I have assigned the novel Wencheng to myself.The reason to read it is simple, because it is yu Hua’s new work after To Live.I had this book on my list, but I didn’t expect to read it so soon.In the process of going to the library to choose a book, inadvertently this “city of literature” appeared in the line of sight, choose a day as hit the day, just picked.I can’t wait to read it when I get it.As far as the title of the book is concerned, I think it’s quite attractive to me, because it has a city character, so I think it’s a place name.In fact, the plot of the novel is a series of stories that take place in wencheng.The historical time and background of the story is between the decline of the Qing Dynasty and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, that is, the Period of the Republic of China.During the Period of the Republic of China, wars were frequent, and various forces rose up and wanted to assert themselves and have their own place.Therefore, the life of the common people was a fiasco. They were all bullied and tortured to death by the big landlords, big bureaucrats and big bandits.Reading the novel, you will have a clear understanding of the people’s life at that time, you will sigh that we are living in such a peaceful era, should cherish the happy life now.It has always been the case that the rich, the powerful and the powerful are superior to others.Those who are desperately poor are doomed to a miserable fate.You’re supposed to try to change it with your life, and you end up dead and in vain.But in the end good will triumph over evil.The story begins with Lin carrying his baby girl to Xizhen (Wencheng) in search of the child’s mother (Mei). It ends with Chen Yongliang killing bandit Zhang Yifu in revenge and Lin returning to his hometown in the north.We can see that the fate of people living in that era is so bad that they are alive at one moment and may die at the next.Love is not love, life is not life, let a person sad.The protagonists Lin Xiangfu, Chen Yongliang, Xiao Mei and Cuiping all reflect the different circumstances of people living in that era.Those whose parents died early, those who were child brides, those who went to prostitution to make a living when they found a man, those who smoked cigarettes, those who burned, killed, pillaged, burned down villages and raped women, those who fell in love with each other, those who did not do their proper work and became bandits, all these bad things were generated in the background.Of course, in this poor people, and steal to live in the era, also has the beauty of truth.For example, Chen Yongliang’s daughter-in-law raised Lin Baijia as her daughter, such as Lin Xiangfu and Chen Yongliang’s brotherly love, such as the Tian brothers to Lin Xiangfu’s master and servant, such as Gu Yimin’s support and love for the people of Xi Town, or let people see the hope and beauty in this era of war and chaos.With the life of a family as the main line to unfold a life of the whole town.Among them, the most unforgettable description is the rampant bandits, whose crimes are no worse than those of little Japan, which I do not know. The picture depicted in the author’s pen is more painful than the cruelty and brutality on the TV screen, making people deplorable and unimaginable.After reading a long time can not calm down.The end of a life, the description of a story, the abbreviation of a history.Around the city, it reproduces the living environment and people’s fate in that era.Reproducing the history bit by bit, let us cherish the present life more.