DNF: Xu Xu baby luck, out of the 12th technical attack jade seal, 188,800 yuan sold to “white”

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DNF dress jade system unique to ward off bad luck, can promote the huge harm, especially the skill damage entry to ward off bad luck jade, high value, obtain extremely difficult, all entries are jade to ward off bad luck, 3% skill damage with attribute epic skills as much as 12% damage increase, known as the “decree”, xu xu baby for the first piece of decree, spent more than 200,A shower of rain in order to obtain the jade seal, spent more than 1.5 million, people sigh.Xuxubao synthesis of the first jade seal, spent more than 2 million, after the success of the acquisition, for a long time did not dare to play synthesis;Back until canceled, due to the lack of release content, xu xu baby play decree synthesis again, this time, xu xu baby’s fortunes, in just four months time, the synthetic 9 12% for his skill damage decree, for a successful water friends a, also a successful for a shower, xu xu baby number of successful decree of the individual,Reached the horrible 11, Xu Xu baobao is very proud of this, once lifted arms shouted, “more than half of the seal made by me”.02 “DNF SAO white” jade seal in live, Xu Xu baby and “SAO white” even mai, SAO white proposed to buy a treasure brother’s jade seal.Xu Xu baby although there are 10 pieces of jade seal, but they wear a few pieces, sold a few pieces, rented a few pieces, and there is no excess jade seal, xu Xu baby intends to synthesize their own, strive for success.This time, Xu Xu bao bao changed the gameplay, no longer his best “Legend 3+ Epic 3”, but chose the combination of “Epic 3+ Epic 3”, the cost of synthesis is about 60,000 yuan, impact jade Seal.03 block 12 decree was born according to the synthetic rules, “epic epic 3 + 3” synthesis, there will be a “epic epic epic, 2, 3, 4” three results, of course, is not say epic 4 decree chance is 1/3, is still very low risk (forgive sa bad at math, is not a success rate), xu xu baby ago and put background music “try”,Then, with the rhythm of the music, seriously performed the “go for it” synthetic name scene, with the music “smile” arrival, Xu Xu baby pressed the synthetic button.Baby blindfolded didn’t look at, xu xu’s chanting, “Marco, I’m xu xu baby ah, wish you a happy Lantern Festival, I too not easy, give me a decree”, synthesizer jiggled, entry to display a detailed, incredible is that xu xu baby the synthetic individual block 12 12% success skill damage decree, xu xu baby open thine eyes and see a synthetic decree is successful,Excited, and for the water friends performed a “sudden death” scene.Finally, “DNF SAO white” to 18.88W price, the fresh seal to buy, Xu Xu baby little hands, earned 12.8W.04 take advantage of the pursuit, again the first time “epic 3+ epic 3” out of the jade seal, earned 12W, let Xu Xu baby very happy, immediately took out the backpack in the embryo, to continue to synthesize.This synthesis, Xu Xu bao bao used his most famous “legend 3+ epic 3” synthesis skills, or the same performance, but, is not the same ending, “legend 3+ epic 3= legend 3” synthesis failure, loss of a 9% epic spawn, can only continue next time.05 Summary Xu Xu baby luck against the sky, the Lantern Festival huge dedication, synthesis of the 12th jade seal success, sold 18.88W to the “SAO White”, let a person envy.In the case of the probability of synthesis is very low, it was able to create 12 jade seals, there is no second person in the state server.I am the player show, I wish the warriors abyss flash non-stop, the gold medal constantly, myth equipment see every day.