Mother-in-law don’t want a penny dowry, but also dowry a car, after marriage let me cold distraction

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I and my girlfriend Tingting is the work of the time to know, to tell the truth, she is the first to chase me, at that time just graduated from work, money pocket are hungry, how dare fall in love?I am the only child in the family, and my father was born when HE was nearly forty. My mother is not in good health, so she usually does some housework at home, and the responsibility of earning money to support her family falls on my father’s shoulder.In order for me to have a good job in college, my parents are saving money, I also feel the hard work of my parents, studying hard in college, many roommates are girlfriends changed several, I can only use study paralysis.After graduation from university, I was admitted to a state-owned enterprise, where I met my girlfriend Tingting. She came to this company based on her family connections. I really envy some people who can reach the place they want to go without paying anything.At first, Tingting said she liked me, but I thought she was joking. Tingting is a beautiful young girl with an outgoing personality. There are a lot of people chasing her in the company, and others are more suitable for her than me.However, in the following months, Tingting kept pestering me, chatting with me on wechat every night and sharing her little things with me all the time. After a long time, I felt her sincerity, and I also confessed my family environment to her, but she didn’t care at all.In this way and Tingting opened a sweet love journey, get along with the time tingting really let me sit up and take notice, although she is the apple of the eye at home, but she is not pretentious, even can do delicious food.Most of the time, she would take care of my face, do not go to high-end restaurants, do not attend high-level parties, simple friends, she would take me outside to give me the face of a man, I found that I really love her more and more.Tingting is so excellent that I want to marry her home as soon as possible. After all, my parents also want to see me settle down and start a career as soon as possible. I discussed with Tingting that I want to marry her and asked her to ask her parents what requirements they have, so THAT I can prepare in advance.It was a holiday and Tingting officially took me back to her home. I had met her parents outside several times, but this was the first time I had visited her home, which was so luxurious that the crystal chandelier in the hall was expensive.I was very worried. Tingting grew up in such a good life. If she married me, would she be able to live in the countryside with me?I was still in leng, Tingting suddenly said to her parents that she was pregnant, I was terrified, a face of dismay looked at her, I want to finish, this must be a big car overturned, not married first out of a child, while certain to criticize me.I didn’t expect tingting’s parents to have any angry expression on their faces, but also take the initiative to ask me whether I would like to get married with Tingting.I suspected I had heard something wrong and double-checked that it was true.Tingting later said that she didn’t tell me in advance just because she wanted to give me a surprise. She also said that her parents didn’t have any requirements for her wedding, and they would give us a car as long as she wanted. I was so happy, and I felt that I must have saved the Galaxy to meet such a nice girl in my previous life.Later, we held a wedding, a simple one in my hometown, and a big one in Tingting’s home. Her parents had many friends.Later tingting naturally in her mother’s home for labor, I returned to the company to continue to work, she let me rest assured that work, mother-in-law will take care of her, I naturally rest assured.That day until Tingting into the operating room, my mother-in-law called me, I hurried to the hospital, the child has been out, mother and child is safe, the whole family are very happy.Tingting after the birth of the mother-in-law will arrange the child center, the parents from the countryside came to see a grandson, the parents know that they can not help what help, when leaving the son left 20,000 yuan, and give the grandson a name, said that according to the family tree to obtain, the future will certainly honor the family.I dropped my parents off at the station and told them to take their grandson home when he was a little older. Looking at my parents’ back, I felt a little frustrated.Tingting said she didn’t need me to accompany her, but I insisted on asking for half a month’s holiday. She gave birth to my first son, so I should spend more time with her. I told her the name my parents chose for their grandson, and she smiled and said it was nice.Out of the time I also rushed over to pick her up, I helped her pack up things when I saw a hukou this, I opened a look, the top actually have the name of the child, but not with me a surname, I asked her on the spot this is what meaning, with your home has been hiding from me the child hukou is good.Tingting explained to me in a low voice that she had promised her parents-in-law that she would not care about the first child and her family name. Otherwise, my parents would not let you marry me. We were still young and we would have another child later.I really did not think of, she cheats me so, old father-in-law does not want one cent bride gift, return dowry a car, it is their home to discuss good originally, registered permanent residence already went up, I do not know my old home parents know what kind of result can be?In our rural hometown to carry on the family concept is very important, to know that I gave birth to a son and I did not have a surname, parents really can not look up after life ah, friends, you say I should do?- the –