Luoyang Old City: Gather strength to create a new highland of education in Luoyang

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The top news, henan business newspaper reporters Pay the first peng correspondent Xiao-ming Chen on February 19, the top news, henan business newspaper reporter understands from luoyang old city education sports bureau, the bureau will be about 2022 education reform and innovation, quality, and the efficiency, people’s satisfaction of the goal, insist on a high starting point planning, high standards, to mobilize the anchoring of the three key education system,We will do a good job in all our work, strive to make new achievements in the new era with a new outlook, new measures and new achievements, and constantly enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and pride in education.Since 2021, the old city of Luoyang has been working hard to promote the construction of key projects while doing a solid job in the normal epidemic prevention and control.Three new public kindergartens and 750 new public degrees were built to further expand public preschool education resources.Nearly 200 million yuan has been invested to build two new compulsory education schools, moxiang Road Campus and Experimental Middle School of District No.2 Primary School, and to increase the number of compulsory education degrees by 4,560. The two schools will start classes in autumn 2021.Actively undertake the relocation of municipal high schools to our district, the organization of high school site site gejialing area expropriation work, Luoyang city in the first time before December 20 expropriation completed net delivery of Luoyang Education Bureau.In 2022, we will vigorously promote the development of public kindergartens and inclusive kindergartens, organize profit-seeking programs for community supporting kindergartens, unlicensed kindergartens and private kindergartens, and take special measures to correct the “elementary school education” of kindergartens, so as to further solve the “difficult and expensive” problem of entering kindergartens.Mangshan town center primary school, Yingzhuang primary school, Longguang Road primary school, Miao North primary school four school planning and construction speed will be accelerated.Planning district administrative center as the core, in the old second road campus, the old city experimental primary school, elementary school mo old city experimental middle school, luoyang fiftieth middle school, luoyang first ShiBaZhong and some of the public kindergarten as the backing, in the education teaching idea, the school hardware construction, equipped with the school team, teachers optimization, campus culture, characteristic education development, etc.,Increase policy tilt and support, and strive to use 2-3 years to cultivate and create a first-class, district administrative center as the core of the old city high quality education circle.Strengthen the team, activate the new driving force of high-quality development of education in the old city and actively promote the reform of education collectivization.We will further improve the way to run schools as a group, actively promote the pairing of urban and rural schools and the collaborative development of schools in urban areas, and expand the coverage of quality education resources.Six education groups have been set up among 26 primary and secondary schools in the area, and 10 weak, small, rural and remote schools have been merged or brought under the management of school education groups.The implementation of the general principal responsibility system, to achieve the “six unified” goal of “unified leadership management, unified teacher team management, unified assets and financial management, unified school management, unified party management”.Through the implementation of the collectivization of running schools, to promote the balanced development of high quality schools.Made solid progress “area tube school hired” reform, by the start of the fall of 2021 completed to adjust the depth of field leadership belongs to primary and secondary schools, 78 university-level cadres have formal mount guard, and adjust the school cadre a total of 106, which was relieved from the 27 cadres, on the area for the first time to break the cadres can not under the difficult situation, the principal, the teacher in charge and teachers enthusiasm got fully stimulate,In half a semester, the teaching quality of 16 schools improved significantly compared with the previous semester.In 2022, we will further deepen and improve the reform of “recruitment of district administrators and schools” and successfully complete the reform of the principal rank system.Will vigorously implement the “three” project, training high-quality education and teaching management personnel.And domestic well-known colleges and universities to establish cooperation mechanism for the training of teachers, principal, teacher and class teacher training plan and implementation plan, to name the principal, teacher and class teacher studio as the backing, through training, with hills, case analysis, with a team, catch a project, strive to cultivate a batch of backbone teachers, improve teachers’ education teaching level.In 2021, the first Primary School in the old city was rated by the Ministry of Education as the second batch of “One school one case” to implement the “Guide to Moral Education in Primary and Secondary Schools” typical case.Luoyang No. 50 Middle School has passed the re-evaluation of henan Primary and secondary school Party construction demonstration school, taking the first primary school in the old city area and The No. 50 Middle School in Luoyang city as the education base of ideological and political integration of middle and primary schools and children in the old city area, actively promoting ideological and political education activities in the area.A total of more than 50 times of lectures and discussions, 7 times of special training, reporting and follow-up 5 times.Actively carry out after-school delay services, effectively solve the practical problems of parents picking up and dropping off primary and secondary school students after school in the old city district. The education and Sports Bureau of the district has coordinated all the work of schools in and out of class, in and out of school, formulated a school policy, planned and designed the “5+2” after-school services, and made good use of the “two hours” every day.The number of students participating in after-school services in the district reached 10,748, accounting for 80.9% of the total number of students in the district, and the teacher participation rate was 100%, which really reassured parents and made students reap benefits.In 2022, the old urban area will continue to strengthen moral education in primary and secondary schools, carry out activities to improve the professional level of ideological and political teachers, and strengthen mental health education, legal awareness education and labor education in primary and secondary schools.We will strengthen students’ physical education and aesthetic education, provide good physical education classes, and carry out extensive activities to build civilized units and campuses.Strictly implement the “ShuangJian” policy, strengthen the “five management”, after-school time delay service, be “full coverage, wide participation in insist, on the basis of pay more attention to” “on the level, strong security, use of science, culture, sports, etc as a whole social resources, strengthen after-school attractive service efficiency, to create a good environment for the healthy growth of primary and secondary schools develop in an all-round way.