Regret it?President Li publicly self-criticism: blame yourself for not seeing their own position!

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Lithuania because of the wrong judgment on the Taiwan question, want to make profit from the United States, but did not think of, because of the mistake this time, let he suffered an unprecedented strike, China economic sanctions for him to a large extent, caused irreversible damage, through sanctions after period of time, Lithuania seems to have realized his mistake.In an interview, Lithuanian leader Nausseda openly said that his wrong judgment and the current relationship with China had a bad impact on the enterprise and brought huge losses, which may continue to expand in the future.And Nowseda admitted that she climbed so high that she didn’t even know where she was.Observers said in his speech, can deeply feel the nao plug as a national leader, really review yourself in public, in the face of the economic benefits after tumbling, finally realized his mistake, this time he can show his own views, also shows that he wants to ease relations with China, a series of actions,Wherever he with Lithuanian authorities whether the same views, but as a leader, he is able to realize this first, that means he already know the problem, the face for China’s provocative to his losses, need to get off the root is unlikely, he only through and Lithuanian government opposition, from that point towards the Lithuanian government.Is Lithuania playing a double game?This is true of Lithuania, where each ministry may have different guidelines, and The Lithuanian Foreign minister, Landsberges, who has always been very independent, is a “pro-American”, “pro-EU” type.But as an old Chinese saying goes, “The first bird is killed,” Nauseda put him at the center of the fire, trying to use him to attract the fire of those around him.Regardless of nao plug reaches for his political achievements on exactly how excellent performance, but for the domestic signs point to, he is absolutely first-class, he also succeeded in bringing the spearhead to rolled bell gith, nao plug for this operation, is obviously want to remove yourself, to tell China, also in telling people, it is not his original intention,He did not want to confront China, nor did he want to plunge the people into the crisis. This is something the Lithuanian government does not have anything to do with him. This evasion not only admits his mistake to China, but also explains it to the people.Such an attitude will make people think Lithuania is incompetent and cold-blooded, but is it possible that Lithuania is deliberately playing a double game to get rid of China?No matter how to also want to let them to realize that what is the right decision, as the leader of a country, as the functional departments of a country, hope that they will be able to recognize the truth, it knows it must put the interests of the people as the first, don’t do some of the dog in the manger, small countries in the middle of the competition power, should avoid to become cannon fodder,It is for the benefit of the country to stay out of the situation. Lithuania, a small country like This, wants to confront China, which has no effect at all and makes it hard to understand their thinking.Some sources: Defense Times