Thousand Island lake fishing accommodation one of the venues

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The sites for fishing and lodging in Qiandao Lake include: Qiandao Lake B&B, Qiandao Lake B&B, Shishan Wusshe B&B, Qiandao Lake b&B, Qiandao Lake B&B and so on.Qiandao Lake marginal b&B is located in Xihu Village, Qiandao Lake town, Chun ‘an County, Hangzhou city. It is a b&B built with plain concrete, with a simple, natural and steady charm.There are 13 renovated ant nest art galleries, and you can eat barbecue on the lawn.In front of the b&B is a road, and across the road is a lake.B&b has children’s game area, KTV, kayaking and other entertainment programs, like fishing can also be in the lake fishing.It’s so secluded, it’s like retreating to Walden Lake.Qiandao Lake hotel, located in the qiandao Lake scenic area.There are more than 10 types of rooms with different sizes and patterns. In the rooms, you can directly see the wide lake, surrounded by mountain roads and lush trees. In the morning, the lake with a little fog feels like a fairyland.The public space facing the lake is equipped with a bar and a multi-functional meeting room. It is a homestay for meeting, leisure, entertainment, dining, accommodation and fishing.Qiandao Lake Shishan Wusshe b&B is located in the ancient village of Qinchuan with a history of more than 700 years.Adjacent to the beautiful Qiandao Lake, the ancient village preserves a large number of ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is also a place for grouper viewing. It is the beautiful scenery of “small bridge, flowing water and people”.Here, you can put down the obstacles in your heart and indulge yourself in walking along the clear Qinxi river, enjoying the cheerful grouper swimming in the stream, listening to the parents’ stories of the passers-by, seeing the dwellings, ancestral temples and temples of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, visiting wenyuan Lion City of Jiangjia Ancient Town, occasionally climbing mountains, riding bicycles and fishing.Tired, tired, come back to enjoy a good cup of tea, read a novel, eat a delicious farmhouse meal, really comfortable, very relaxed.Qiandao Lake people stay home, located in chun ‘an county will village village road section station, located in the southwest qiandao Lake lake, hidden in the downtown.The location is superior, the transportation is convenient, the mountain is behind the water, the boulevard runs through the courtyard, and there are two wang of the lake in the area.There are two houses with 17 rooms and 24 beds.Leisure programs include fishing, cycling, ziyunjian climbing, barbecue, tea drinking, chess and cards, farm work experience, eating farm dishes, etc., which can receive different types of customers such as vacation and recuperation, team meeting and family vacation.Located in Qiandao Lake Town, the b&B stands on the hillside, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing Qiandao Lake. There are three b&B buildings in total, one of which is in the pastoral style of Jane and Europe, with a big yard full of European rose and an infinity pool. The courtyards are surrounded by mountains on all sides and shaded by trees.Overlooking by the window, green mountains and clear water, birds singing cicadas, winding path through you, quiet and comfortable, like a secluded valley of paradise in general.The famous scenic spots Xiushui Square and The Thousand Island Lake and diaoyu Islands are in the vicinity of the b&B.Here you can not only enjoy the scenery of nature, but also leisurely fishing.Whether you are on business or leisure travel, Qiandao Lake Momo Yin holiday b&B is the ideal place to stay.