The Taste of Lantern Festival

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The Lantern Festival symbolizes reunion and harmony.However, every family reunion day, there are many soldiers stick to the line of duty.It is more important for them to protect “reunion”.In order to make passengers travel safely, they hold steel guns, guard duty, with practical actions to demonstrate loyalty and responsibility.Patrol group leader Corporal Shen Junfei said: “a family is not a million yuan, although I can not go home, but because of our adherence, in exchange for tens of millions of happiness and peace, I feel very proud and proud.”The taste of smoke since the New Year training, squadron all officers and soldiers to launch the training.The Lantern Festival is no exception, of course, the training ground, assassination training is in full swing, the officers and men all high morale, killing sound, everywhere presents the scene of dragon teng Tiger jump.Yan Dong, the squad leader, said: “Today is the Lantern Festival, I also set a goal for myself, the New Year to improve skills, improve quality, strive to lead the class meritorious award at the end of the year.”As a traditional activity of the Lantern Festival, eating tangyuan is indispensable everywhere.In order to let the officers and men can eat steaming dumplings, cooking teams prepared early to make dumplings.The smooth, round, glutinous rice balls bubbling in the pot are mouth-watering.Officers and men happily eating yuanxiao, while lively discussion of their hometown’s Lantern Festival customs, homesickness mood also diluted in laughter.”Although I was not able to spend the festival with my family, I felt the warmth of the military camp,” said Liang Yetao, a former military recruit. “Spending the festival with so many fellow soldiers was a more meaningful reunion.”Country on the shoulder, home in the heart.The Lantern Festival, every soldier in the post, are using their own adherence, expressing the best wishes for the motherland, are using their own responsibility, interpretation and family reunion.(Armed Police Yinchuan Detachment Tian Zhijun Chang Xiaoyu Hou Yubo) source: National Defense Times editor: Duan Lijun Editor: Xu Xiaojuan link: National Defense Times news center