Prepare pregnant more than a year did not conceive, actually is the same room time is wrong

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Have a friend message to seek advice: two people together for many years, prepare to want a child now, but prepare to be pregnant for a year many, have not been pregnant, check to show hormone value is not particularly ideal, other also don’t matter a problem, how to do?Does need Chinese traditional medicine recuperate recuperate?I looked at her hair to come over the examination report, husband and wife are obviously very anxious, the examination that should do all did again, see the report really should not be infertile, asked the situation in detail, this inquiry found a problem……Because the woman’s hormone level is not very stable, sometimes the follicle develops fast, sometimes develops slowly, coupled with the two people are anxious to have a child, so the couple from the ovulation test paper color deepened to arrange, has been arranged until the ovulation test paper color faded.Every day so arranged, the man’s body nature can not bear, sperm quality natural decline, affecting the conception.So my advice is to arrange ovulation every other day, not too often.In addition to the infertility caused by scheduling too often, there is also the infertility caused by not clapping often enough.Medically, infertility is defined as couples who regularly have sex for more than a year without contraception. This is defined as couples who have sex two to three times a week.Too few times, sperm and eggs are not easy to combine;Too many times and sperm quality drops.So it’s best to have sex 2-3 times a week.What if you can’t do it 2-3 times a week?There are four ways to improve our accuracy.1. Look at the regularity of menstruation, 28 days cycle, can be expected to start from the first day of next menstruation push forward 14 days, 3 days before and after that day this period of cycle is ovulation peak.Your body temperature drops slightly during ovulation and rises slightly after.So can speculate according to body temperature oviposit period.3. Ovulation test paper The presence of a strong positive ovulation test paper means ovulation, but as mentioned in the beginning, a strong positive ovulation test paper does not necessarily mean ovulation, hormone instability can also affect the test paper.4. B-ultrasound monitoring this is the method with the highest accuracy to monitor ovulation. It is generally monitored for the first time from the tenth day of the beginning of menstruation, monitored for the second time every two or three days, and then monitored every other day or every day according to the size of the follicle until the follicle is mature and discharged.When ovulation is about to be found, it is necessary to arrange sex every other day, not every day to affect the quality of sperm, also do not arrange once or twice to affect the probability of conception.To learn more about gynecology, visit .# Prepare pregnancy encyclopedia ## Chinese medicine has come ## Family Health guardian ## Female health ## Health star plan # Welcome to forward and share to more people in need!