The “Dun-dun typeface” of junior high school students has become popular. It is more charming than cheese

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Writing is not only a practical technology, but also a humanistic quality. Although the technology is developing constantly, handwriting is still inseparable from it, such as the teacher’s comments when marking papers, as well as students’ handwritten homework and so on.Therefore, as a student, the neat degree of handwriting is of great significance. However, with the change of people’s ideas and the emergence of new fonts, the boring task of writing is more meaningful.A font that looks round and small has become popular among students in many junior high school homework books. It also has a cute name, “Cheese body”.Although the students like it, it often appears on the homework book and examination paper, and it actually feels very beautiful from the font, but for the teacher, it is not the reason to see such a font.Because each character looks like a “stick figure”, it is easy to lack strokes. Although it looks clear and neat at first glance, if you look carefully, you will find some details. The “mouth” character originally has three strokes, but the composition of the cheese body is only two strokes, which can also be understood as “1+7”.So it is no problem to read and understand the words written with cheese body, but it may not have more advantages for the college entrance examination in the future, and even there will be the possibility of losing points.Junior high school students own “pier pier font”, not only beautiful but also captured the soul, the teacher said admire recently, the winter Olympics has become a hot topic that everybody discusses, many students also felt the motherland strong, not only is the unity of the athletes, and there are many hidden high-tech at the same time, like full automation of the canteen, and the popular mascot “ice mound mound”.Many young people will spend a lot of time and energy to lining up to buy, it is because the image of the “national treasure”, let the appearance of the panda show in front of everyone’s eyes.Junior high school students are curious about all things. Out of their love for Bing Dwen Dwen, they created the “Dwen Dwen Font”. Although it looks similar to the cheese body, it captures the soul and is more pleasing than the cheese body.Each word looks like an “ice dun dun”, chubby appearance is very image, but also with different colors to write out, and the Olympic Games on the ice dun dun image similar, not only beautiful also captured the soul, even the teacher is deeply admired.”Dundun Font” and “Tangyuan font” are similar, in fact, the two fonts look similar, both belong to the lovely type, tangyuan font is also relatively round shape, each word is like “drawn circle”, but some words may look more like a emoji package.But although this font looks similar to dun Dun font, but in the exam process, it may be easier to lose points “Tang Yuan font”, because in the process of marking papers, the teacher will inevitably appear visual fatigue, so in the face of such a font, may not have too much patience.Font is of course important for students, but with the advent of the Internet era, many Internet red fonts are also spread on the Internet, so it may be a curiosity attraction for junior middle school students.However, students should consider the problem from many aspects, rather than what kind of font they think is good, they will concentrate on practicing a certain font, which may affect the final total score.Teachers prefer the font types can not neat, but must be clear, as teachers and parents, all hope that the students of the font can be beautiful some, but after all, the ability of each student, and the attitude of learning, including a series of factors such as family education environment is a big difference, so the font also exist some differences.So for the teacher, the favorite font is not neat, but it must be clear, to ensure that the roll is clean is more important, so as to make the teacher relaxed and happy.Many students may think that their final test scores are determined by how well they have mastered the knowledge, but in fact, it is also directly related to how neat your font is.Your font may not look pretty, but it must be very accurate, every word must be clearly displayed, so that the teacher can see the composition of each word stroke.What I like most is printing, so for teachers, what they like most is printing, but in the whole process of learning, there are few students who can write such a font, after all, it is difficult to write like printing.But this kind of font will have a big advantage in the future in the middle and high school entrance examination process, because the machine marking, can be more clearly distinguish what you have written.Write at the end: students’ creativity is always refreshing. Junior high school students are busy, because they have to face the high school entrance examination, so I hope students can spend more time on learning, but also to practice more formal fonts, which is the most meaningful thing.Today’s topic: what do you think of the “Dun Dun font” created by junior high school students?