Shaanxi Ankang, Sichuan Neijiang 2022 intermediate accounting examination registration 3769 people!Did you report it

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At present, the intermediate accounting examination has ended, various places have also issued a statement that the registration is successfully completed, xiaobian noticed the number of applicants in Ankang of Shaanxi province and Neijiang of Sichuan Province, these two regions have a total of 3769 people registered for the intermediate accounting examination, among which the number of applicants in Ankang of Shaanxi province increased by 3%.Look at the specific situation together!According to the announcement of shaanxi Provincial Finance Department on the schedule and related matters of the 2022 National Accounting Professional And Technical Qualification Examination in Shaanxi Examination Area, the registration for the 2022 National Accounting Professional and technical Intermediate qualification examination has ended.A total of 1,948 people have registered and paid successfully in ankang Test area.An increase of 3% from 2021.In the next step, Ankang Finance Bureau will further expand the work ideas, improve the quality of external services, carefully manage all aspects of the examination management, and ensure the successful completion of the examination work of the 2022 National Intermediate Qualification examination of Accounting Professional Technology.The registration period of Sichuan Neijiang accounting Professional Technical Qualification (Intermediate level) in 2022 is 17 days.A total of 1821 people in our city applied for the examination.To carry 2022 annual accounting professional and technical qualifications (intermediate) registration work, in accordance with the relevant new crown toxic pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work requirements, based on the principle of based on students, positive for the examinee policy advice, propaganda guidance services, making a concerted effort to ensure that the 2022 annual accounting professional and technical qualifications (intermediate) successful completion of the registration work.2022 annual national intermediate accounting changes in each course teaching material (full version) | test data of both partners are well the newspaper?Have registered successful partners to remember to seize the time to prepare for the exam, although the exam in early September, but you also need to spend more time to prepare for the exam, xiaobian also hope that you can successfully pass the intermediate accounting exam this year!2022 Intermediate accounting exam material changes big?The practical teaching material changes from 19 to 24 chapters!Want to know more exciting content, come to the global online accounting school online