How should Google SEO work systematically unfold: A quick guide for novices

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# Google SeO is still very valuable as a way to get traffic.Especially some enterprises engaged in foreign trade industry, Google SEO brings long-term transformation ability can be said to be very considerable.But Google SEO is a very large, systematic work, for people who just enter or plan to enter, how to start this job, or how to do this job from zero to a good job?As practical work, scenario-specific responses seem more valuable than rigid tutorials.So summed up some of their own and the team is easy to meet the problem, and the corresponding solution to the novice reference.First, do not know what keywords should be done to locate the right keywords is the basis of all the follow-up work of Google SEO, the most valuable, the most suitable for your keywords to focus on optimization is crucial.What words should you make?They should be closely related to your products and services, and they should have enough search volume to support your business. The search volume data given by some keyword expansion tools should be judged. Is the data one-sided due to regional, special events, seasons and other factors?1, Ahrefs, do Google SEO should have been in contact with, relatively suitable for finding new keywords, keyword variation and search volume, paid tools, but the price is not too outrageous;2. Google Trends, which allows you to view search Trends for selected keywords and compare multiple keywords.Comparing several similar keywords can often help you determine which one is best for you.3. Google Search Console, which tracks how sites are performing in searches, and can see which keywords rank your site and how those keywords are performing over time.Often encountered someone want to recommend to more or less all Google seo tools, personal feel for seo tools is not how much, when you tried to find a tool of function between may find many tools are overlapping, and once tool is too much, the mutual interference between the data will be very serious.Especially for beginners, it is not recommended to indulge in the number of tools pit, know a hundred is better than using one.What should I do after choosing the key words?1, to the site’s page meta tags to change, title, description, keywords, H1 and other key points of the setting is to do, but the importance should be ranked in the first place.2, create keyword related content, do not have to do for every keyword content, personal advocacy of keywords classification, in accordance with the category to do content.And Google’s focus is not just on specific keywords, but on topics, consensual or relevant content that can be matched by a search.Second, Google ranking dropped what to do?Ranking drop is all SEO will face the problem, novice do not know the reason, the veteran actually do not know a lot of time.It is possible to speculate on the reasons for the decline based on experience, but no one can claim to be sure of the exact cause.** In the face of keyword ranking decline this problem is actually a lot of times can accurately locate the cause of this “technical” ability for SEO is not the most important, can keep calm,1, check the robots.txt file and site map, to ensure that Google is still able to access (can focus on the obvious ranking decline of the page or a certain kind of page);2. Check the Google Search Console to see if there are any web page errors.3. Confirm what changes have been made recently and whether there is a direct link between the drop in ranking and these changes;4. Check Google officials for any recent algorithm updates.For the ranking decline caused by algorithm update has the opportunity to detail, here is a simple sentence, as long as you did not make a principled mistake, this situation temporarily do not panic, observe a period of time to see again;5, look at the site server and Google index, many times some server inexplicable problems lead to Google crawl failure, will also lead to ranking decline;Third, the user experience (website conversion) is very poor how to do?Traditional SEO focuses more on the rankings themselves, but a word of advice for new SEO users: Don’t put all your energy into the “rankings”.Future SEO positions need to be “N+1” type of talent.That is to say, as an SEO, you can make the ranking is your “1”, is your core ability.But at the same time, you need to have “n” marginal competencies that extend around “1” to make you “competent” for the role.To get back to the question, many companies do rank their websites, but it doesn’t have much effect on their business growth.This is when you need to think about why your site is not working as intended.Unlike rankings, it’s a shame that there isn’t a good tool yet to diagnose why websites don’t work.In general, this is what we call a lack of user experience.There are several ways to do a preliminary screening.1. Do a follow-up survey of customers you know well and ask them what they think of your site.2. Check out your competitor’s website and see how it differs from yours.It is not advisable to take colored glasses at this time. Many people analyze their competitors subjectively and think they are doing badly, but you should know that you are here to learn, not to find fault;3, take a look at the click tracking record of your website for a period of time, and see which pages stay for a long time, which pages have an amazing jump rate, and whether the users of button behaviors such as purchase and consultation you set have clicked;How to solve this situation?1, page visual optimization: visual optimization of the site target page, but this usually requires SEO staff to coordinate with designers to complete;2, CTA optimization: that is, the guide language of the website transformation, if there is no to add, if there is, think about whether you set the CTA is not attractive to users;3. Use process optimization: Is it easy enough for users to click through to your site through keyword search?How difficult is your site for users to use?Try to reduce the number of user actions and click depth, using the minimum number of clicks to get the customer to complete your preset action, the success rate is likely to be higher.To sum up: these three cases can be said to be SEO often encounter, for the novice everyone has experienced at a loss stage.Don’t panic, calm yourself first, analyze the problem and solve the problem.In addition, the future of SEO must be in many aspects of development, do not put yourself trapped in the ranking, content, vision, user operation and maintenance, etc., can be your competitive highlights in SEO work.