Manchester United again appeared inconsistent remarks, rangnick, Lingard in the end who said right?

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Speaking at his pre-match press conference against Middlesbrough, Lonnick admitted greenwood was one of the reasons lingard was staying and said the player had taken time off to relax and clear his mind.Manchester United legend Gary Neville took to social media to criticise the club’s leave policy for being “arbitrary”, “unprofessional” and allegedly refusing to play for united.Lingard took to social media in the early hours of this morning to publicly refute: “MY mind is always clear and I always give 100 per cent when asked to play and it was the club’s own advice to go on holiday.Lingard’s comments essentially contradict those of Rangnick.Not for the first time, rangnick blasted Martial for refusing to be included in the squad for united’s 2-2 draw with Aston Villa when asked by the media why Erlanga had played and the bench was not full.Martial, who has been calling for his departure from the reds, responded on Instagram that he would never refuse to play for United.There was no disputing whether Rangnick was right or wrong, with Martial coming on as a substitute against West ham and setting up Cavani’s rashford winner.Martial has now spent the rest of the season on loan at Sevilla, while Lingard was close to Newcastle but was forced to stay because of the lack of a right-winger at Greenwood and the inability to find a suitable new club.If the manager’s remarks in an interview are unfavorable to the players and the players have to respond publicly on social media, it may be accidental if it happens once, which belongs to poor communication; if it happens twice, there must be some problems.Competition and training are the work of professional players. It is a common understanding that they should not ask for leave without any special circumstances, which is also the professional ethics of players.Rangnick’s statement that Lingard needs to relax and Lingard’s statement that the club wants Lingard to take time off is a big contradiction in itself.Lingard said in an interview after joining West Ham on loan that he suffered from severe depression due to poor performances and family problems, and often hid in his room drinking to relieve his stress.There was speculation on Twitter that Lingard was suffering from serious depression because of his career concerns and had been advised to take time off by the club to relax.If this is the case, lingard should be advised to retire. Players who cannot bear the psychological pressure cannot perform perfectly on the pitch.On the other hand, we don’t know what lingard and Rangnick communicated, but Rangnick seems to say anything at a press conference.Direct cannon masha’s refusal to appearances for united last time, we do not know true and false, but a way is forcing masha, left, or cause masha, and Nick, or cause the gap between masha, split between fans and even with the club intends to leave masha, until the end of the season strategy is contrary.This time it was more or less inappropriate to say that Lingard needed time off to relax, and it probably wouldn’t have caused too much of a stir if Rangnick had said that Lingard wasn’t in the best of health.Perhaps that’s why United have no plans to appoint Rangnick as the club’s long-term manager, as his comments in an interview could create ambiguity and force players to respond publicly on social media, which would undermine the manager’s authority.