Lao Wang knows the mandate of heaven, and does not wait to whip himself up

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Yesterday was Lao Wang’s birthday in the solar calendar.Thank you for your blessings to the 50-year-old Wang, all the rewards I will give back by giving books and other ways.Some friends asked if they wanted to have a party.I haven’t had a birthday in 50 years.My birthday was on the second day of the lunar New Year, when my mother was still alive, and it was nothing more than a bowl of longevity noodles (which is a polite word for ordinary noodles).Then my mother died, and I grew up. I was not interested in the festival, so I even saved noodles.Then, sometimes a few days later, your wife says you forgot your birthday and doesn’t get a birthday cake.I’ll laugh. Why bother?The child’s birthday, the mother’s bitter day, every time I think of the birthday, I think of the miserable mother, the mood for a long time can not calm, so simply do not want to talk about this topic.A child without a mother misses a mother.It was his 50th birthday.I still don’t have the idea of giving a banquet or congratulation, and IT’s hard for me to have this idea in 70 or 80, because I’m afraid of being bored and wasting time.Many people think they are free and relaxed after quitting their jobs and getting out of the system, but life is not that easy.It’s been all busy these days.Take a night flight, get off in Guangzhou at 1:30 am and arrive at 3:30 am.Get up at 6:30 on time, get up at 7:00, take a bus to Guangzhou at 8:30, teach administrative punishment from 9:00 to 12:00.After a simple lunch, I went back to the lawyer’s office to handle the formalities. This was the first time after the New Year, and I handed out small red envelopes for the Spring Festival to my young colleagues.At 14:00, I rushed to Guangzhou South Railway Station by taxi. At 18:00, I arrived in a surrounding city. After meeting with customers, I discussed the case until 23:00, and then I wrote daily articles on the public account.Get up at 4:30 am, arrive at high-speed railway station at 6:00 am, arrive at Guangzhou at 10:00 am.This is Lao Wang’s 50th birthday before a work arrangement.Say, such working rhythm is almost the normal state of affairs for a period of time recently.It’s not that you don’t know the importance of your body, it’s not that you don’t know that fighting like this is sometimes dangerous, but what can you do?At the age of 50, people have to accept their old age. Sometimes they have to travel a long distance to return to the rule of life for a few days.One might ask, how much money can you earn by working so hard?I won’t say it for fear of envy.Knowing destiny but not believing it, the 50-year-old wang still has to work hard.We do a case, it is impossible to win, but we should do our best, not regret, more to have the confidence that “we can not do well, others can not do well”;We do one thing, may not be successful, but we have to try to find a successful path, there is no excuse for failure, but also to have “never forget the echo” pursuit;It is impossible for us to be satisfied with everything in our life, but we need to have a mindset of “don’t talk to others when things are not necessary”, and more importantly, we need to have the conscience and ethics to constantly ask ourselves and never be ashamed of our own reputation.As lawyers, we should always empathize with clients, understand the pain of someone in our family who is trapped in prison, and understand the hardships and pains of seeking legal channels.But we know that they are just ordinary people, ordinary and even some stupid legal people, in addition to diligence, we have no shortcut to go.So, I can only use “water more bubble wall” stupid way, with “clumsy birds fly early into the forest” stupid kung fu, in every case, every thing on the effort.Humanity is the most complex, elusive, difficult thing in the world.As Higashino Keigo said: “There are two things in the world that cannot be looked at directly, the sun and the human heart.In the face of humanity, people are always small beings.”I know, some of what I do is not good, but I deeply blame myself, I am originally kind, how this complex world has such a complex human nature?Let us forge ahead together.February 17, 2022