He was the first to propose the formal establishment of the Communist Party of China, known as the “two heroes” with Chairman MAO.

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Compared to the first, there is no second competition, this sentence in the revolutionary period has been very good confirmation, Chairman MAO as the leader of the country, civil and military two aspects are not inferior to people, our hero today is with Chairman MAO merger known as the “two male” a revolutionary.This man’s name is CAI Hesen, he was the first to propose the founding of the Party, made outstanding contributions to the founding of the Party, is one of the leaders of the early revolutionary cause, we will talk about the legendary life of CAI Hesen today.CAI he-sen bases his was born in 1895, and chairman MAO’s hometown, in the turbulent s, he is lucky, his father’s work can make him eat satisfied rice, his mother attaches great importance to education, even if life difficult, also let he have received a good education, for the revolutionary cause he later laid a solid cultural foundation.CAI Hesen studied hard and was admitted to a well-known normal school in Hunan province at the age of 18. It was here that he met chairman MAO, his best friend in this life. They had a common revolutionary ambition and began to work together on the revolutionary road.Chairman MAO and CAI Hesen successively participated in many revolutionary movements. In 1918, together with Zhang Kundi and others, they founded a new People’s Society, which was a representative of the early revolutionary groups. Many of their articles had a profound impact.Be worth what carry is, CAI he-sen bases his compared with chairman MAO is often out at that time, two people are very deep foundation of literature, people often debate they two people who are better in literature, but the problem is always no answer, they two people who also don’t care who is strong weak, then people just call them “pair”.CAI Hesen was not only able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Chairman MAO in literature, but also promoted the victory of the May 30th Movement during the May 30th Movement by actively propagating the party’s advanced ideas, leading the workers to rebel and carry out the revolutionary movement, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the masses for Anti-Japanese War.Right – leaning thought reached its peak during the turbulent years of the Party’s struggle.However, CAI Hesen, as a firm socialist fighter, resolutely maintained the party’s revolutionary struggle program against all illegal violent movements, and made a very important contribution in the early stage of our party’s construction.When it came to talent, he pushed Chairman MAO to join the Politburo while he worked quietly behind the scenes.His achievements and efforts deserve to be remembered by future generations forever.Unfortunately, wood show in the forest wind will destroy it, such a great contribution to the great man, but was betrayed by a traitor.At that time he was in the lead the workers to carry on the revolutionary movement, but in a traitor, he was imprisoned by the enemy, the enemy of in prison, but he is very firm, inner conviction resolutely refused to reveal any news about the party’s enemy, eventually killed under the torture of the enemy, then he is only 36 years old.Although CAI Hesen passed away, his spirit will always accompany us to forge ahead.Recall the past, revolutionary predecessors selfless sacrifice for the country to lay down the country, now, the country is prosperous and stable, people live a happy life, we should cherish this hard-won happy life, and strive to protect this happiness.